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Robocop (Original) ULTRA

SS Original Table FP Robocop (Original) ULTRA v1.02

No permission to download
Solid State Machines
by rom, SLAMT1LT
at 2013-08-12
Type Original

' ** Version 1.02 **

' added new mechanical sounds

' fixed Balls Per Game on DMD not registering correctly

** ROBOCOP ULTRA 1.01 **

Original table designed and created by:


ULTRA Edition Mod:


To complete ROM's superb quadrilogy of original tables and with his kind permission, here's the ULTRA Edition of Robocop - my personal favourite.

ULTRA Edition features:

- dynamic lighting effects added
- new music added
- new quotes added
- Jackpot and Super Jackpots added
- new mechanical sounds added
- physics improved
- DMD animations added

Jackpot and Super Jackpot

During Robocop multiball the Super Jackpots are scored by hitting either the left or right ramp. The Jackpot is won by hitting the Robocop scoop (under Robocop).

During ED-209 multiball, the Super Jackpots are scored by completing the orbits. The Jackpot is won by hitting ED-209's wall (under ED-209) - he will also fire his guns at you.

The Jackpot amount increases by 250,000 after each hit. The Super Jackpot amount is multiplied by the amount of balls remaining on the playfield. So if you have 1M points in the Jackpot and have 4 balls on the playfield, Super Jackpot awards 4M.

This table is a mod of :
Robocop Best of, 2nd Edition
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