Robot (Zaccaria, 1985)

VPX Zaccaria SS Recreation Robot (Zaccaria, 1985) 1.3

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IPDB No. 1977


Robot is a table I've been planning on doing since I discovered VP. Thanks to my being from America and their shutting down before the peak of pinball in the 90's, I had never seen these Italian machines before. With their bright colors, mocking callouts, formed plastics, and distinctly foreign layouts, Zaccaria has a bit of an exotic allure. And the cyan robot theme is just my style - it's my avatar for a reason!

This mod was intended to be all about updating Robot for playability and accuracy...and only grew a tiny bit beyond that. As I built it more resources became available, so someday there will be a fully rendered version. Maybe VPE?

The main things changed from 32assassin's release are:
Alignment of every part, nFozzy physics, Roth Targets, Fleep ToM sounds, Dynamic Ball Shadows, Sling Corrections, TargetBouncer, LUT changer, RampRolling sounds, physical trough, Lampz
Also: Implemented FastFlips(hacked), sorted the layers, formatted script, removed duplicate objects, fixed dt's, fixed assignments, made u-turns real, made robots animate better and need front collision, re-origined and animated RampExit, made ramp walls into wall walls, probably lots of other stuff..."physics/lights/lighting"

Included is a pre-configured NVRAM with my settings for 3-ball play + Game Time Bonus.
Left and Right MagnaSave keys will cycle through the available color grade LUTs.
More options are available at the top of the script.

Thanks to nFozzy, Fleep, Rothbauerw, Iaakki, Wrd1972, Apophis, Fluffhead35, and Flupper for the code, models, and instructions to implement the above!
Thanks to Nestorgian for the trough code fix, it got all the ball handling code headed in the right direction.
Thanks to Lumi~ for the Desktop Backdrop.
Thanks to the testers BountyBob, Smaug, Bietekwiet, and PinStratsDan who are actually good at pinball and helped make this better.
And thanks to 32Assassin, Hmueck, and Francisco666 for their prior versions!

This table is available FOR FREE and should NOT have come to you from anywhere other than or
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