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Rocket Ship (Gottlieb, 1958) VP9

VP9 Gottlieb EM Recreation Rocket Ship (Gottlieb, 1958) VP9 v1.0

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Rocket Ship (Gottlieb, 1958) VP9 v1.0
IPD No. 1990

New VP9 build of the 1958 Gottlieb game Rocket Ship. Rocket Ship was released in April 1958. Rocket Ship was designed by Wayne Neyens with art by Roy Parker. 2,000 units were produced. Rocket Ship doesn't have any particular firsts, but it was close. The back glass was screened with "GAME OVER" and the hole for the light was drilled, but in the end the game didn't have a game over relay. The center roto-target with two gobble holes layout was used in several 1957/1958 roto-target games. The main strategic goal appears to be to get the roto-target to a high value and then cash it in either with the top lit target or the roto-target itself. The secret is really just to keep the ball in play as long as possible. There is also a game-to-game carryover feature where lighting all the letters in the game title lights specials to the end of that game.
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