Rotation VIII (Midway, 1978) VP8

VP8 SS Recreation Rotation VIII (Midway, 1978) VP8 v1.0 2020-01-28

No permission to download
Midway 1978,
IPD No. 2019

Thanks to Apocalypse for the layout work,
Skalar for graphics,
Destruk for additional scripting and playtesting.

Press 1 to play as Player 1
Press 2 to play as Player 2
Press 3 to play as Player 3
Press 4 to play as Player 4

Press 5 to insert coins. :)

Rotation VIII Rules

Pop bumpers are worth 10 OR 100 when lit. Pop bumpers are lit when a ball
hits the top saucer. Hit top saucer three times to light all three pop
bumpers. Hit saucer 4 times for extra ball.
Slingshots are worth 100 points.
Spinner is worth 10 points OR 1000 points when lit.
Hit 8 Ball target to light spinner.

Ball targets are 500 points.
Clear a rack of targets to light special in left outlane.
When inlanes are lit, hitting lit inlane lights spinner (same as hitting
8ball target)
Bank shots advance in value, AND increase playfield multiplier.
300 points
600 points +2x
900 points +3x
1200 points +5x
5000 points
special <?>

the 300 points starting value of bank shots appears to be dipswitch

Each lit ball in the middle of the playfield is worth 3000 bonus points times the multiplier.

Anyway, these rules I got for the game while working on it - they are
entirely unconfirmed - just using my best guess here. Player 1 gets striped balls, player 2 gets solid balls, 3 gets striped, and
4 gets solid. I think that's backwards but that's just my opinion, heh, I
can't argue with attract mode.
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