Sample Table

Sample Table 2020-01-28

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Made with Unity and Pinball Creator.
This is a self exe, and is for standalone play. You do not need Unity or Pinball creator to play this, just click the icon. Included is a exported file as a zip

- Use the Z and / keys for the flippers
- S,L,Spacebar for nudging
- C adjusts view, I recommend 3

NOTE: This was done with only a few hours of learning unity and Pinball Creator from scratch. This is only a example and I never even studied unity or PC, so take this with a grain of salt when you play it. This program, and Unity itself, is far more capable in experienced hands, and certainly not by someone who didn't even read the manual. There are mistakes in this package, there are bugs, this just uses the stock items with no modification.

This uses stock prefab parts and stock missions. The only changes are rotating and resizing the models. There are more than likely bugs, and it appears the 5 target bank mission may be erratic. Drop all 5 targets to light right loop. Make the right loop 3 times completes the mission, and resets the target bank.
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