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SaW (Original) by JayJay96

SS Original Table FP SaW (Original) by JayJay96 v1.1

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Solid State Machines
by JayJay96
at 2011-09-10
Type Original

SaW Pinball Rules And Instructions

- Player starts off with 7 balls per game.

-When coin is inserted, jigsaw immediately starts talking and explains what the player has to do.

-Beginning game will stop jigsaws instructions then game begins.

-The playeer has to complete 7 tests and can be compeleted in any order.
(NOTE) Tests 1 - 5 must be completed until tests 6 and 7 can be achieved.

- Test 1 - Drop both banks on left and right side.
- Test 2 - Hit 4 red targets near the bumpers at the top of the playfield.
- Test 3 - A red ramp is located on the left above the left bank, hit it 3 times.
- Test 4 - A red ramp located on the right beside a spinner, hit that 3 times.
- Test 5 - There is a kicker located at the very back of the playfield, hit that 3 times.
- test 6 - Hit the back playfield kicker when tests 1 - 5 have been completed and you will enter mini playfield.
hit all the red targets on the playfield then enter the kicker when the gate opens.
- Test 7 - When all 6 tests are complete hit the back playfield kicker again and you will enter the skill shot.

After all tests are completed, you win the game and the game ends.


A bank is located near the back playfield kicker with 3 targets, drop the bank and "lifesaver" is activated.
Life saver is the left outlane auto plunger.

A spinning saw blade is located near the flippers, Be Careful! It can throw the ball around causing it to sometimes
go where you dont want it to.

Hope Everone Enjoys!
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