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Sea Ray (Bally, 1971) VP921

VP9 Bally EM Recreation Sea Ray (Bally, 1971) VP921 2021-09-04

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Sea Ray 1971 Bally by Lander
IPDB No. 2085
1,300 units (confirmed)​
Sports - Water Sports - Spear Fishing - Diving​
Notable Features:
Flippers (2), Pop bumpers (3), Mushroom bumpers (3), Slingshots (2), Standup targets (5), Kick-out hole (1), Upper right kickback lane, Right outlane ball return gate, Up-post between flippers, Upper left chicane lane awards lit features. Can be converted to add-a-ball. The Mystery Catch-A-Flash Bonus in center playfield changes its values under the control of a continuous stepper unit, stepping once each time the ball hits a 10-point switch, and does not change autonomously as the feature's name might imply.

Maximum displayed point score is 99,990 points per player.

Replay wheel maximum: 25

Sound: 2 bells (10 point, 100/1000 point), knocker.

Tilt penalty: ball in play.​
Design by:
Art by:
The 4-player version of this game is Bally's 1971 'Mariner'.​