Seawitch (Stern, 1980) VP8

VP8 Stern SS Recreation Seawitch (Stern, 1980) VP8 v1.1.1 2020-01-28

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by DesAngel, Plumb, Gottlieb, Mr.Fixx
IPD No. 2089

Sea Witch Rules

Once coins are deposited and credits posted, pressing the credit button on the cabinet door will reset drop targets and cause the outhole kicker to move the ball to the shooter lane. The first player display will flash 00.

One player is registered each time the credit button is pressed (one to four can play). The credits are reduced by one each time the credit button is pressed until the credits are reduced to zero. (Credit button is in-operative after 4 players are registered). Shooting the ball initiates play.

When the ball enters the outhole, the bonus score is added to the player's score. The player-up and/or ball in play on the back box is advanced one position. The bonus score starts at 0 poInts. The outhole kicker moves the ball to the shooter lane and play is resumed. This continues until each player has played the allowable number of balls per game (3 or 5). At this time the "Game Over" light becomes lit. A random "Match" number appears and the "Match" light becomes lit. If the match number is the same as the last two digits in the player's score a free game is awarded.

Any extra ball won during the course of the game is played immediately after that player's regular ball enters the out-hole. The player-up and/or ball in play is not advanced for extra ball play. Bonus score is added to the player's score, the bonus is reset to 0 and the bonus multiplier earned is restored (memory) before the game moves the extra ball for play.

At the end of the game, a "High Game" is flashed on all players scores. If the "High Game" is beat, this feature can award up to 3 free games.

Tilting while playing the game results in loss of the ball in play. The flippers, thumper-bumper, etc., go "dead". Bonus scores are not added. The purpose of the tilt penalty is to discourage the player from jostling the machine in an attempt to prolong play. Game action becomes normal after the outhole kicker moves the ball to the shooter lane.

Slamming the machine results in the loss of the game. All feature lights go out and the game becomes "dead" through a built-in time delay circuit. The purpose of the time delay circuit is to discourage abuse of the machine. After the delay, the "Game Over" light lites and the game Is ready for play. The time delay occurs anytime one of the slam switches is made to contact.

Most features and bonuses can be disabled or adjusted by operator.


The game is designed to award an extra ball or a free game (option) at three score levels. Operator ajustable.


The game is designed to award up to 3 free games (option) when 'High Game to Date" is beat. Operator adjuatable.


Game starts with no bonus, and is advanced 1000 points each time one of the DROP TARGETS is hit, or when any of the STAND-UP targets are lit while hit. The bonus is advanced 3000 points for each OUT LANE and RUN-WAY ROLL-OVER BUTTON. Maximum bonus is 39,000 points times multiplier. Bonus multiplier is advanced when INCREASE X light near DROP TARGET bank is on and all targets are hit. Maximum bonus multiplier is 7X. When the ball enters the OUTHOLE, the bonus score (times the multiplier) is collected. The bonus resets to "0" points and the bonus multiplier earned up to 5X is carried over from ball to ball(memory). When 6X or 7X is reached, bonus is reset to 3X and can be advanced again.

Scores 10 points or scores 1000 points for each lit loop lite. When all loop lites are lit and all three drop targets have been hit once, 2 X loop value lites.

Scores 200 points plus 200 for each lit lite (maximum 1,000 points).

Scores 1000 points on 3 ball, 100 points on 5 ball. Changes position of SPECIAL and EXTRA BALL lite when lit.

Scores 10 points and changes position of SPECIAL and EXTRA BALL lite when lit. )

Score 100 points, scores 1000 points and advance bonus by 1000 points when lit.

Each target scores 1000, advances the bonus by 1000, spots a lite in the loop plus scores 1000 for each lit lite in loop up to a maximum of 10,000. When all targets in each bank are hit, the blue ADVANCE LOOP VALUE lite transfers to the corresponding blue LIGHTS EXTRA BALL lite at lower left of playfield, then each target scores loop value only (maximum 10,000 points). When all three ADVANCE LOOP VALUE lites are transfered, the 2X LOOP VALUE lites up.

When the INCREASE X lite in lit and all targets are hit in that bank, the bonus multiplier is advanced by one.

After ADVANCE LOOP VALUE LITE HAS BEEN COMPLETED (all targets down in a bank) and targets are hit down again leaving only one standing, the SCORE LIT BONUS VALUE lite comes on. Hitting the single target standing
awards lites bonus plus 1000.

Scores 5000 and advances bonus 3000, awards SPECIAL when lit. May alternate, based on operator adjustment.

Scores 500 points. Awards EXTRA BALL when lit.

Allows RUN-WAY SPECIAL lite to stay on or alternate with outlane SPECIAL lites.

The Maximum credits accepted by the machine limits the number of games that can be accumulated by coining, by winning replays or both, can be from 10 to 40, and is operator adjusted.

When the MATCH FEATURE is On, a random number appears in the "MATCH/BALL in PLAY" window and the word MATCH is illuminated. If the number matches the tens digit in a player's score a free game is awarded. Operator adjustable.


The number of specials is either 1 per ball or 1 per game. Operator adjustable.


Controls the liting of EXTRA BALL on playfield in an assortment of operator defined ways.


Allows only one EXTRA BALL to be stored in memory as the minimum, or can be adjusted to allow either 3 or 5 maximum.


Award received when "Special" is litcan be operator adjusted from No Award, Extra Ball, 100,000 points, or replay.


SPECIAL can be awarded by means of 3 switches on the playfield: the run-way roll-over button, and the two out-lanes. The operator can adjust when the Special light becomes lit, which lights are lit, either once per ball or once per game, and either no reward, an exrta ball, 100,000 points, or a replay.


EXTRA BALL can be awarded by means of 2 return lane switches on the playfield.
The operator can adjust settings to allow or not allow awards for High Scores, and Specials, and when the Lights Extra Ball is lit, and how many Extra Balls can be stored in memo
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