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Shark (Taito do Brasil, 1982) VP8, with download link to JPSalas' VPX.6 version [DT][FS]

VP8 VPX Taito SS Recreation Shark (Taito do Brasil, 1982) VP8, with download link to JPSalas' VPX.6 version [DT][FS] v1.1 & v2.0

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Shark (Taito do Brasil, 1982)

by Dox, Maloti & Destruk
IPDB #4582

- Thanks to Marcos Borges for help with the ball lock system!
- Thanks to Dox and Maloti for use of their vp table layout.

Notes: (by Ike@Isaac Sauvage)
o--@jpsalas made a VPX.6 version, available >---------------> here <---------------<
o--First time I tried JP's version, I had some difficulty with balls not registering correctly in the trough, preventing the game from starting up or advancing the ball count. "F3" to restart the game didn't work, but fiddling around with the "B" key helped a little. Better yet is to simply exit and re-enter the table to permanently fix the issue.
o--I've uploaded a backglass which you might prefer to JP's gameroom. You can grab it here:
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