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Silver Line (Bill Port, 1970's, Spain) VP8

VP8 Flipperless Recreation Silver Line (Bill Port, 1970's, Spain) VP8 v1.01 JP 2020-01-28

No permission to download

Thanks to Paturlas for the photos.
Update 1.01 includes a bug fix and some English text.
v1.0 Made in October 2008

A Bill Port machine build in or for Spain. Unknown year, but it was one of the first machines in which you could earn money.

The game was easy: insert coin, press the small button to stop the horses light, which shows the numbers of coins you can earn. Then press one of the three buttons to stop the 3 fast lights, if the stopped light corresponds to the button you pressed then you win the prize.

-You have a hard time.
-Always one at a time, and in random order the stars that indicate the award light up, remaining on for a tenth of a second until one goes off and the next one lights up. Come on, they change very fast so you can't choose anything.
-You press the small button.
-The light of the star that was on at the time you pressed will stop.
-The images of the horses that are hidden behind the horseshoes will begin to blink (in the photo everything is red, but when the light is given from behind, the horse can be seen). This blink works the same way, but even faster. It almost looks like the lights are on.
-You push one of the big buttons.
-The light that was on when you pressed the big button stops.
-If the light matches the button you pressed, the machine pays you the number of coins marked by the star that you left on when you press the small button. If not, you lose.

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