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Silverball Mania (Bally, 1980) VP8

VP8 Bally SS Recreation Silverball Mania (Bally, 1980) VP8 v1.0

No permission to download
Bally 1980
IPD No. 2156

(From manual descriptions)

Feature Operation & Scoring

A. Memory Bonus Feature
- The outhole bonus on this game is not a result of a bonus being incremented by various targets or rollovers. Instead the bonus is a result of letters which, when lit, are worth 1,000 points.

A bonus score of 1,000 to 44,000 may be scored. The bonus consists of fifteen letters which are labeled "SILVERBALL MANIA". Completing SILVERBALL MANIA the first time lights the Wizard Bonus Light which is worth 15,000 points; completing SILVERBALL MANIA the second time lights the Supreme Wizard Bonus Light which is worth 30,000 points. The next time SILVERBALL MANIA is completed, a special is awarded.

B. Bonus Collect And Bonus Multiplier
- When the ball goes into the outhole, the lit bonus score is added to the player's total score. If the 2X light is lit, twice the amount is added to the player's score.

The bonus multipliers are increased by going through the center hoop.

C. Spot Letter Feature
- When the ball goes through the center rollover, it spots the next letter in "SILVERBALL MANIA" depending on how switch #24 is set (on liberal it spots 2 letters; on conservative it spots 1 letter).

D. Disappearing Kicker Feature
- In this game there is a new feature which is located beneath the flippers. The feature consists of a kicker which when raised will kick the bal back into play if the ball goes through the center lower lane when lit.

This kicker is raised when a ball goes through either the top center lane or through the center hoop. It is lowered when the kicker is activated or when the ball goes into the outhole.

E. Kicker Special Feature
- The disappearing kicker awards a special when the kicker is up and lit for special. Switch #16 controls the kicker special light (liberal: Comes on with SILVERBALL MANIA Special. Conservative: Comes on after a SILVERBALL MANIA Special is made).

F. Silverball Mania Special
- A Special is awarded for each time "SILVERBALL MANIA" is made when the SILVERBALL MANIA Special light is lit.

The SILVERBALL MANIA Special light is lit on the second completion of "SILVERBALL MANIA".

G. Center Target Extra Ball
- The center target is lit for extra ball depending on the setting of Switch #32 (liberal: 5x and Extra Ball Light Together. Conservative: 5X Then Extra Ball Lites).

H. Silverball Carryover Feature
- This feature consists of ten letters which, when lit, remain lit from game to game. When all are lit, a special is awarded. The number of credits depends on the setting of switch #8.

A letter is lit in SILVERBALL either by makin a "SILVERBALL MANIA" special of by making a kicker special depending on the setting of switch #15.

There is also a service swtich located on the playfield, accessible thru the front door, to increment and test this feature.

This feature may be eliminated by Switch #23.

Switch #8 Carryover Award Liberal -- Conservative

On: 3 Credits
Off: 1 Credit

Switch #15 Carryover Advance Liberal -- Conservative
On: Liberal --Advance on SILVERBALL MANIA Special
Off: Conservative --Advance on Kicker Special

Switch #23 Carryover On-Off
On: Turns Feature On
Off: Turns Feature Off

I. Special Replay / X-Ball / Novelty Modes
- Switch #6 and #7 give operator flexibility to award a replay, extra ball or score (Novelty) when a special is scored (SILVERBALL (Backglass), SILVERBALL MANIA, Bottom Kicker).

Switch SW.6 ON SW.6 OFF SW.6 ON
Positions SW.7 ON SW.7 ON SW.7 OFF
REPLAY X-Ball Novelty
SILVERBALL (BGlass) Spec. REPLAY X-Ball* 50,000
Kicker Special REPLAY X-Ball* 50,000
"N" Target X-BAll X-Ball X-Ball** 25,000
Scoring Thresholds REPLAY X-Ball** NO AWARD

(*) 50,000 if Same Player Shoots Again is lit.
(**) 25,000 if Same Player Shoots Again is lit.
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