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SIU Campus Life (Original) by popbumper.com, theo5p

SS Original Table FP SIU Campus Life (Original) by popbumper.com, theo5p v1.00

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Solid State Machines
by popbumper.com , theo5p
at 2011-04-16
Type Original

SIU Campus Life Pinball is a game designed around the college campus of Southern Illinois University. It was designed by pinball enthusiast and podcaster Rob Craig for his Masters Thesis project. While it is designed around the context of that specific university, it has fun pinball elements that anyone that has been on a college campus will recognize. Rob handled all rules, sound design and most of the PF and cabinet art with SIU pinball enthusiast Theo Phillips handling most of the scripting. SIU student Ian Steele created the backglass and SIU student Ben Severs assisted with the playfield and plastics art. The game has over 100 custom sound effects and speech calls which include the SIUC Cheerleaders, the SIUC marching band, the Pullium Clocktower bells, and offical Saluki public address announcer Steve Falat. Musically, the game features a rich and diverse 10 song soundtrack that carries over 8 unique modes of play.
See official rules in the "How To Play" tab at www.siucampuslife.com

All information about this game is available at www.siucampuslife.com including a full downloadable soundtrack.
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