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Skyway (Williams, 1954) VP921

VP9 Williams EM Recreation Skyway (Williams, 1954) VP921 2021-10-19

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Skyway (Williams 1954) by Jay Phillips , Duglis
IPDB No. 2206
Space Age - Travel - Water - Women​
Notable Features:
Impulse flipper (1), Pop bumpers (2), Slingshot (1), Kick-out holes (5), Ball kickers (2), Gobble hole (1), Scoring bumper (1). Eight rollover lanes on left side of playfield feed a left-side kicker alley to shoot the ball back to the top of the playfield. Upper playfield ball kicker propels ball onto an elevated habitrail feeding a right-side line of four kick-out holes which series-advance the ball to a gobble hole, returning that ball to the shooter.​
Design by:
Art by:
Compare the elevated wireform track on this game to the habitrails of modern solid-state games. In fact, Harry Williams himself reused the same upper playfield wireform design from this game for another game he designed, Stern's 1981 'Freefall'.​

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