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Slick Chick (Gottlieb, 1963) MOD

Gottlieb EM Recreation FP Slick Chick (Gottlieb, 1963) MOD v1.2

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Manufacturer: D. Gottlieb & Co.
Date: April 1963
Type: Electro-Mechanical Wedge-Head
Maximum credits: 26
Design: Wayne Neyens
Art: Roy Parker
IPD No. 2208

Scoring changed to original game scoring.
Replays awarded for completing 1 to 4 sequence, or 5 Slick Chick sequences as in original game.
Ball tray bug fixed.
Other bugs fixed.
Match Feature modified and Match HUD moved to upper right corner of playfield to be visible on a single
monitor system.
Pop bumpers modified so ball does not get stuck in pop bumpers.

Authors: Original Table: FranzLeo
Modifications: Okobojimusky
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