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Slick Chick (Gottlieb, 1963) VP8 by Cutter

VP8 Gottlieb EM Recreation Slick Chick (Gottlieb, 1963) VP8 by Cutter v.99b to R1 Deluxe

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Slick Chick (Gottlieb, 1963) VP8 v.99b to R1 Deluxe
by Cutter
IPD No. 2208

Notes: Four versions are included in the zip. The latest one (R1 Deluxe) seems to require either VP5 or VP6 in order to start up properly. Hopefully someone might be interested in adapting the script to work with VP8 or later.

EDIT: I just uploaded old VP6 version from 12-17-2002 that plays all 4 tables!!
Find VP6.exe here
On the latest table (R1 Deluxe) you need to press S to start game,
1 - Start new game.
5 - Insert coin.
A - Ball Release.
L/R SHIFT - Flippers.

Support thread:
https://pinballnirvana.com/forums/threads/slick-chick-deluxe-ball-loading-problems.7253/ (Slick Chick Deluxe Ball Loading Problems)

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