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SlugFest: Angels (Williams, 1991) VP8 by Kid Charlemagne

VP8 Williams SS Flipperless Pitch and Bat Recreation SlugFest: Angels (Williams, 1991) VP8 by Kid Charlemagne v1.0

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SlugFest: Angels (Williams, 1991) VP8 v1.0
IPD No. 3281
ROM: sf_l1

A modern version of the classic "Pitch and Bat" baseball game. Player one chooses the type of pitch and player two bats; players then switch roles. Includes a pop-up ramp and a "Hit the Heckler" bonus.

The cabinet is roughly the same size as a pinball machine with a smaller header. The control panel contains buttons for four different types of pitches Fastball, Curve, ChangeUp, Screw Ball. The batter can steal bases or pinch hit clears all Out lights and raises the ramp. The display is a standard DMD Dot Matrix Display.

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