Smokey and the Bandit (Original) by saecrow

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Solid State Machines
by saecrow
at 2013-10-31
Type Original

Goal: Make it from Atlanta, GA to Texarkana, TX and back with a load of Coors beer delivered in 28hrs. . . which they say can't be done! Avoid time penalties when trying to cross state lines and make up any lost time as you go. Info: The Time Remaining display is the actual time keeper and this will continue to decrease (in preset amounts) as you work your way to Texas and back The Time to Destination display will change based on penalties incurred and time made up after penalties and should try to remain identical to the Time Remaining display- and definitely before entering back into Georgia (you can have no penalty time remaining in order to complete the mission)
Light B A N D I T then Light S N O W M A N which will allow the 2 State Line Targets to become active

Light 5 green lights by hitting State Line targets which will open the State Line Kicker in the center

Hit State Line Kicker in center to attempt State Line Crossing which sends you to Upper Playfield

Drop all State Line Drop Targets on Upper Playfield before timer expires to cross the state lines

If timer expires or ball rolls off Upper Playfield prior to dropping all targets a 1hr time penalty is incurred

If 6 penalties are incurred, table will soft tilt and ball will be lost but on next ball penalties will drop to 4

You can make up time (decrease penalties incurred) by hitting lower left kicker when light is flashing

Once in Texas, close out both upper drop target banks to then load up Coors for transport back

Close out both upper drop target banks (now cases of Coors) to load up the Coors and begin return trip

Watch out for Texas sheriff Buford T. Justice on the return trip. . . he will try to distract you whenever you attempt a State Line crossing heading back to Georgia

Once back in Georgia (and without any time penalties remaining), deliver the load to Big and Little Enos by lighting the 5 green lights to open the Big and Little Enos lock in the upper left and lock the ball to complete the mission and the modes will reset to the beginning.

Big and Little Enos and Buford T. Justice/Junior kickers will each award bonus points (independently) if all three targets are lit prior to hitting the respective kicker

Out Lane Gates are activated by hitting the lower left kicker when penalty decrease light is not lit

Mode Completions after S N O W M A N is lit, after each State Line crossing and after loading Coors
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