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Soccer (Original) VP8 by Alijah Lettieri

VP8 Original Table Soccer (Original) VP8 by Alijah Lettieri v5.0 2020-01-28

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Soccer by Alijah Lettieri.

This is a table with a theme of soccer. The soccer field gets tougher and tougher as the game goes on.


New Game- starts a new game.
Register- gives you information on how to register.
Difficulty-Selects your skill level
Level "#"- Brings you to the level #.

Use the Up-Arrow to choose what to select on the menu, and hit the Right-ALT key to select.

Any time during a game you can hit the Up-Arrow to bring up the menu and the computer will play attomaticly.


At the left of your screen it shows what level you are on. Depending on you difficulty, the harder difficulty you are on the more points you get and the easyer it is to complete a level. The higher the level is the faster the ball travels and the computer's flippers are more accurate.


To start on any level:
When you first open the game, let the level meter at the left of the screen travel to the level you wish to go to.(it should go faster on the HARD difficulty) Then quit and the Continue button should now take you to that level.

To get and extra life:
Quit and re-open and Quickly hit the continue button and if done right you should have an extra life.

To skip levels:
Quit and re-open, cycle the difficulty a few times(make sure it dosn't end up on EASY!) and the continue button should have skipped a few levels.

To watch a professional play:
Open the game and wait 2 minutes.
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