Solar Fire (Williams, 1981) VP9

VP9 Williams SS Recreation Solar Fire (Williams, 1981) VP9 v2.3 VP9 FIX 2020-01-28

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by Destruk, Kristian
IPD No. 2238

*Indicates adjustable features.
Game Over Mode - Turn game ON; player I score shows 00; all player scores alternate the high score to date, Game Over lamps light. All playfield lamps cycle in attract mode.

Credit Posting - Insert coins; sound produced, number of credits displayed. If maximum credits* exceeded by coin or high score to date, credits are posted correctly, coin lockout,de-energizes until remaining credits are below maximum. No credits may be won and coins are rejected while lockout is deenergized.

Game Start - Three balls must be resting on ball ramp or ball shooter switches (maximum of one ball in ball shooter trough) before game will start. Push credit button, startup tune played, ball served, credit display reduced by 1, player 1 score flashes 00 until first scoring switch is made, ball in play shows 1. Pushing credit button before ball 2 displayed allows additional players.

Bonus - The bonus can be advanced from I to 63 thousand. One advance for left and right inside and outside rollovers, SOLAR ramp target and each drop target in the 4-bank, two advances for eject holes, and three advances for completing a drop target 3-bank. The SOLAR ramp target spots letters in SOLAR for bonus multipliers; from 2X with one letter lit to 6X with all letters lit. During Multi-Ball play, the Multi-Ball bonus is also advanced from I to 63 thousand as described. With full bonus(es), 1,000 points are scored in place of each bonus advance.

FIRE - Completing the top drop target 3-bank while associated lamp is flashing spots a letter of FIRE and starts 20 seconds of 2X scoring. Completing FIRE lights the lower right Bull's-Eye Target for a possible Special.

Drain Shield - Completing the top drop target 3-bank at any time advances the horseshoe values (25,000, 50,000, and Drain Shield). Making the horseshoe shot collects and resets* the value; with horseshoe Drain Shield lamp on, the left or right drain shield lamp is turned on. A ball draining through a lit lane is returned to the ball shooter trough.

SOLAR Gun - Completing either bottom drop target 3-bank while associated lamp is flashing advances SOLAR Gun timing. Hitting the SOLAR Gun button drives a captive ball past a scoring switch. When a lamp (3, 5, or 10 seconds) is lit, a magnet is energized to cause the captive ball to oscillate. As the ball oscillates and makes the switch, the magnet is momentarily de-energized.

Magna-Save Feature - Completing a drop target 3-bank at any time advances lighting of Magna-Save lamps. With lamps lit, holding in the Magna-Save button on the corresponding side of the cabinet energizes the magnet.

Multi-Ball Play - Completing a bottom drop target 3-bank at any time randomly lights an eject hole lock lamp With two lock lamps lit, locking two balls initiates 2-ball Multi-Ball play. With three lock lamps lit, locking three balls initiates 3-ball Multi-ball play.

4-Bank Bonus - Making a target in the drop target 4-bank stops bonus lamp cycling and flashes a bonus lamp (20, 40, 60, 80, or 100 thousand). Completing the 4-bank while the lamp is flashing collects the bonus. If not completed, the bank is reset and cycling resumes. Completing the 4-bank during 2-ball Multi-Ball play awards double bonus; during 3-ball Multi-Ball play, triple bonus.

Mystery - The left inside rollover flashes the Mystery lamp for the right ramp rollunder. Making the rollunder while flashing randomly spots magnet, Bonus X (S-O-L-A-R), or Drain Shield lamps or awards a random score.

Extra Ball - Completing SOLAR awards an Extra Ball or 200,000 points.

Memory - Lock lamps and locked up balls, magnet lamps, SOLAR Gun lamps, S-O-L-A-R* (Bonus X) lamps, and F-l-R-E* lamps.

Tilt - Ball in play tilted on first closure of ball roll tilt and third* closure of plumb bob and playfield tilts. Slam tilt returns game to game over.

End of Game - Match Digits* appear in ball in play display, *credit awarded for match. Exceeding high score to date awards *three credits. Match, High Score to Date, and Game Over sounds made as appropriate. A new game cannot be started until all balls are returned to the ball ramp and rest on the ball ramp switches.
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