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Sonic's Enigma (Taito's Bust-A-Move, 1994) VP8 by Scott Bermel

VP8 SS Flipperless Recreation Video Games Sonic's Enigma (Taito's Bust-A-Move, 1994) VP8 by Scott Bermel 2020-01-28

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A) Create groups of 3 or more gems of the same colour to POP them and score points.

B) When you POP gems, any without a connection back to the top will drop and increase the BALL-VALUE as well as score points

C) Clearing the playfield of all gems completes the puzzle and advances you to the next one. Completing a puzzle scores the TIME-END-BONUS. Completing puzzle 30 scores the GAME-END-BONUS and ends the current game.

POPPED BALLS : Scores the current BALL-VALUE

DROPPED BALLS :scores the current BALL-VALUE and also increases the BALL-VALUE as follows:

puzzles 1 to 5 : 100000
puzzles 6 to 10 : 170000
puzzles 11 to 15 : 289000
puzzles 16 to 20 : 491300
puzzles 21 to 25 : 835210
puzzles 26 to 30 : 1419857

GAME-END-BONUS : Scores a bonus based on the formula remaining time * 50000 * The puzzle you are on.

A NOTE ON TIME : You have 180 Timer Seconds to complete each puzzle and you must shoot balls withing a few seconds or a countdown timer will start.
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