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Sopranos, The (Stern, 2005) VP8

VP8 Stern SS Recreation Sopranos, The (Stern, 2005) VP8 v1.0r_tb8_U 2020-01-28

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Sopranos, The (Stern, 2005) VP8 v1.0r_tb8_U
by wtiger, Pinball Ken
IPD No. 5053

Thanks goes to:
Destruk for the sound samples, sound/music script and for fixing my bugs.
jpsalas for some of his table graphics and design elements that I used in this table.
Razors78 for playtesting and feedback.
Shockman for the flashermask and the suggestion of how to make the ball disappear behind the safe.

Object : Crack the Safe and collect Envelopes to advance Rank and brcome Underboss.

Multiball: : Shoot the Drop Target in front of the boat to light Lock. Lock two balls in the Boat to start Stugots Multiball. Shoot the Left Ramp to start 'Party at the Bing'. Finish 'Party at the Bing' to start Bing Multiball.

Extra Ball : Advance Rank to Acting Capo by cracking the Safe or collecting Envelopes to light Extra Ball.

Food : Collect Food Plates to start Food Fight.

Truck Heist : Shoot the Left and Right Loops to start Truck Heist. Shoot either Loop during Truck Heist to finish.

Meadowlands : Shoot the Right Ramp to dispose of items in the Meadowlands.

Episodes : Shoot the Spinner Lane to start Episodes.
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