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Space Harrier (Original)

SS Original Table FP Space Harrier (Original) v1.1

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Solid State Machines
by Anthias , Subzero
at 2006-07-30
Type Original


A collaboration between Subzero and Anthias based on the video game Space Harrier.
1.1 version fixes minor mistakes caused by file redundancy before release.


Major rules below. All elements score various amount as well as these feature sets.
#Drop the 7 target bank for multiball 50k
#shoot the loop (RHS channel) to light - first lit = 2500, doubles till all lit
#Shoot left channel for ramp to light for hyperstep - 2500, then 5000, then 10000 to get "Spaceharrier"
#Shoot four target bank to light teleport 8k
--#THEN hit teleport to set hyper - ramp flashing. 15k
--# THEN hit left channel (to ramp) for HYPERSPACE - 50k
#light top lanes for bonus multi
#light in/outs for ball saver.
#RHS kicker incriments "SPACEHARRIER" lights. Lighting all of them gives 50k + multiball (2 ball)
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