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Space Jam (Sega, 1996) VP8 by Joep & Frederick Obiwan

VP8 Sega SS Recreation Space Jam (Sega, 1996) VP8 by Joep & Frederick Obiwan v2.0 Beta2

No permission to download
by Joep, Frederick Obiwan
IPD No. 3879

The following is a guide to the Sega pinball Space Jam. Space Jam, and any cartoon characters mentioned here are copyright Warner Bros and are of no concern to me. Michael Jordan also appears in the game and his name and image are also owned by someone, but I don’t know who.
This guide is essentially freeware so use it as you wish but don’t try to make any money out of it and credit to the author and any other contributers stays intact. So there!

The Story So Far
The Space Jam pinball appeared in the window of Dickesons Amusements in late October. This caused me to spend some more time drooling on their front window (I must stop doing that). In mid November it replaced ID4 on site at ICA Sportsworks at Camden Park. In January the machine was updated and this guide was updated after 2 hours play on that version. I am now banned from playing the game there. I left too many credits too often.

Machine Version
I'm not sure which version of the game I've been playing. Most of this sheet is based on a version A1.00.

Changes To This Version
This is almost a complete re-write as the new software differs radically from the prototype that I had played. Many mode rules changed. Some input from Koi Morris and Vincent Bernardi added. Due to study commitments and a lack of time this sheet has been seriously out of date.

The Movie
Space Jam, starring Michael Jordan, Bugs Bunny and a host of Loony Tunes characters and Hollywood and NBA stars. I haven’t seen it and I don’t think I’ll bother.

Playfield Layout
Starting from the drain and going clockwise as usual:

Inlanes/ Outlanes--The usual. Each one spots a letter in Slam. There is no kickback.

Slingshots--Same as always.

SPACE targets--5 targets all shaped like basketballs cut in half. 1 each spelling SPACE.

Left Orbit--Spots Roadrunner. This is a standard orbit shot. Can be lit for Jackpot.

Left Ramp--I’ve called it a ramp but it’s more like the cycle jump on Comet. The aim is to jump the ball into a basket but this is harder than it looks. The sweet spot is very narrow and as a result most shots don’t make it. Some land on the plastic habitrail from the right ramp which counts the basket as a goaltend and awards the points, most shots land in the bumpers which scores nothing.

Captive Ball--To the left of the left ramp. Spots IN YER FACE and awards Super Jackpot when lit.

Bumpers--3 of them in the usual formation. In a similar position to the bumpers on Dr Dude. Awards a Rebound award after a set number of hits.

Super Duper Jackpot Target--A target in the very centre of the back of the playfield. Can be hit from the left flipper but most hits come from the bumpers. Serves no other purpose when not lit.

Monstars Drop Targets--3 targets on the left side of the centre lane. Very similar to the targets on Space Shuttle. Can be hit from the right flipper but most hits come from rebounds off the bumpers. Awards 100k for the 1st time down, starts In Yer Face mode the 2nd time and can also be used during Shoot Drops mode.

Wabbit Hole--Mystery award. Lit by completing 23. This can be stacked.

Jump Shot--This is the lock lane. Shoot the ball up a lane through a 1 way gate to light and collect locks. About 3 inches past the gate is the Extra Ball target. Hard shots hit this. Balls locked are kicked out via a VUK to a magnet which catches the ball. Then 1 of 2 kickers launch the ball either around a loop and back to the left flipper, or straight to the right flipper at warp factor 9. Most balls go to the left. Can be lit for Jackpot.

Right Ramp--Spots a letter in FIRE. Can be lit for double Jackpot.

23 Targets--1 red target on each side of the right ramp entrance. Lighting them both lights the Wabbit Hole.

Right Orbit--Same as the left. Spots Tazmanian Devil. Can be lit for Jackpot.

JAM Targets--3 targets spelling JAM.
Between the flippers is a post. This completely rules out doing Death Saves. On the machine I played, Bang Backs were extremely easy to do. The problem was that the tilt setting was so sensitive that it always tilted.

Skill Shot
The display shows Jordan lining up a free throw while the display cycles through a series of awards. You have to plunge the ball through a basket to collect the award you want. Pressing a flipper also changes the award. If you make the basket you get the award. However if you press both flippers, the game autolaunches the ball and awards you the skill shot even if you miss.The awards include 300k, Wabbit Hole, super pops and multiball.

The Aim Of The Game
The object of Space Jam is to complete the 7 planets surrounding the picture of Michael Jordan in the lower playfield. Lighting them all lights the ball in his hand for Final Jam.

The 7 Planets And How To Light Them
The 7 planets are as follows:

SLAM--Complete the SLAM lanes once.

IN YER FACE--3 hits on the captive ball.

FIRE--4 shots to the right ramp. Completing fire lights the basket for 10 point baskets for 23 seconds.

SPACE JAM--Light all the SPACE and JAM targets. This starts Superjam. All Jackpot shots and the captive ball are lit. Hit the 1st shot for 50k, the 2nd shot for 150k and an extra 100k for each shot hit. Each shot can only be hit once. The mode ends when all shots have been hit or after 45 seconds.

REBOUND--25 hits on the bumpers.

FAST BREAK--5 shots to each orbit. Completing both orbits starts Fast Break. The right ramp starts at 200k and counts up
to 700k. Each shot to the ramp awards the fast break value.

SUPER JACKPOT--Score a Super Jackpot during Multiball.
Lighting all 7 planets lights Final Jam. Shoot the left ramp to start the mode.

FINAL JAM--This is a 60 second "Lost In The Zone" type mode. 5 balls are launched and the object is to shoot the basket. Each switch adds 10k to the award value and the basket collects this value.

Shoot the jump shot to light locks. For the 1st multiball 1 shot lights all 3 locks. The 2nd multiball requires 1 shot to light each lock. Then 1 extra shot is needed for each subsequent multiball up to a maximum of 5 shots. Shoot the jump shot again to award the lock. 3 locks starts multiball.

During multiball the jackpots are as follows:
1st wave--Both ramps lit for double jackpot. Shoot either one.
2nd wave--Both orbits and the jump shot lit for jackpots. Shoot all 3.
3rd wave--Super jackpot lit at captive ball. Hit once to collect.
4th wave--Shoot right ramp to light super duper jackpot for 15 seconds.
Hit the target to collect. If the timer expires shoot the ramp again.
After collecting the super duper jackpot the sequence starts again but this time both ramps must be hit in the 1st wave.

Jackpot values are :
Base value 500k.
Super Jackpot base value 3mil.
Super Duper Jackpot base value 5mil.
Switch hits increase jackpot values by 1000 per hit.

Wabbit Hole
The Wabbit Hole is a mystery award which is lit by lighting both of the 23 targets. Wabbit hole awards can be stacked and carry over from ball to ball until collected. When hit 3 awards are displayed like Mr DNA on Jurassic Park with Bugs Bunny pointing at each award with a carrot. The machine picks 1 award from the 3 shown.
Some awards are:

300,000 pts--Fairly self explanatory.

1 on 1--One shot is lit and you have 45 seconds to make the shot. Making the shot awards 100k (I think) and a quote and picture of Jordan making a basket from weirder and weirder locations. The mode ends after making 6 shots or when time runs out.

2 on 2--2 ball multiball. Shoot the right ramp or jump shot for 100k. This lights the left ramp for 10 seconds. Shooting the basket scores 300k.

Video Mode--Move a basket to catch 16 balls thrown by Jordan and 4 Loony Tunes characters. Each catch is worth 50k + a 200k bonus for catching all 16.

Defence--Hurry up mode. The drop targets are lit starting at 470k and counting down to 100k. A hit on the drop targets locks the value and starts Blowout. All jackpot shots are worth the locked value for 30 seconds.

10X Bonus--Have a guess.

Lite EB

Free Game--I've never seen it awarded.

Final Jam--If this is ever awarded it would have to be a very rare occurrence.

Hold Bonus

Trivia Game--Asks a question and you choose the answer with the flippers. The questions I've seen are all about Michael Jordan's career.

Full Court Frenzy--All arrow shots are lit. 5 balls are launched and each arrow shot scores the frenzy value. This value starts at 200k and each switch hit adds 100 to the value. This mode has a long ball save so the points can be HUGE!!

Misc. Scoring
In Yer Face Mode--Completing the drop targets for the 2nd time starts In Yer Face mode. The captive ball is lit for 30 seconds (??) and each hit awards 150k (??). 3 hits ends the mode.

Bonus X--Lighting all 4 SLAM lanes advances the bonus X. Reaching 6X lights EB at the jump shot. All completions after that score 200k. Slam can't be spotted during modes or multiballs.

Fun With Bonus--The bonus count is made up of 10k for each basket, orbit, ramp and jump shot multiplied by the bonus X. There is also a bonus for each planet spotted.

Basket Points-- Shooting the basket or the captive ball during 1 ball non mode play will score basket points. 2 points for the captive ball, 3 points for the left ramp or 10 points during Fire mode or for a super skill shot. 23 pts scores 300k and 45 pts scores an EB. There must be other awards.

Random Notes
Not a lot to say really. The 1st thing you notice is the curved backbox. I would like this game a lot more if there was a bit more depth to it. The hardest part of reaching final jam is the super jackpot and even that is obtainable. The idea of setting tasks to reach the wizard award is nothing new and unlike Attack From Mars this isn’t much of a challenge.

Really all there is to it is keep shooting for multiball and the rest should fall into place. Only 1 mode can run at a time and anything else is paused during multiball. The skill shot can start multiball for you on ball 3 but it’s not that hard to get anyway.

The ball save has no grace period and neither do any of the modes. Balls down the outlanes don't trigger the ball save until they reach the trough.

My opinions of this game were not too good at first but with the new software rom the game has improved 200%. I still think this game could be a little better but considering the target audience for the movie, the game should appeal to them.

The tilt quote is possibly the coolest in pinball history. Tweety saying "Bad ol Pinball Player". On the subject of Tweety, if the ball drains down an outlane on ball 3 Tweety appears on the display and makes a comment about losing the ball. If you flip both flippers during this, Sylvester appears and eats the little $%@#. Some other quotes are slightly funny at first but the novelty soon wears off.

Some of the graphics are very good including some digitised footage of M J in action.

The left ramp is near impossible to make consistently.

Overall not as bad as I first thought.

League and Wizard Mode
Hold the left flipper and press start for League mode.

Hold the right flipper and press start for Wizard mode.

No known difference yet except the Wabbit Hole awards are the same for each player in League mode.

High Score so far 94 Million. (Where have all the billions gone?)


This rulesheet can be found at Chris' Pinball Page at

Send and additions, corrections, comments or rom updates to me and I will include them in a future version. e-mail me via chrisb@enternet.com.au

Thanks to:

Chris Bonney chrisb@enternet.com.au

Vincent Bernardi bernardi@ibm4.cicrp.jussieu.fr

Koi Morris KMorrisww@aol.com
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