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Space Mission (Bally, 1976)

Bally EM Recreation FP Space Mission (Bally, 1976) v1.0

No permission to download
Table by martinB & Denis
IPD No. 2253

Table Info:
  • Across the Special-1-Key *) you can choose and save whether name-entry (initials) on the end of game shall be used.
  • Across the Special-2-Key *) you can choose and save the number of balls per game. With this option the highscore will be reseted to the recommended worth.
  • If you fade-out or fade-in the HUD-Display across the Toggle-Hud-Key, then this setting will get saved for further game sessions.
  • The standard playfield image has a size of 1024 x 2048 pixels. If you like a higher resolution please choose "Spielfeld2048" as "Playfield Image" in the table-propertys in the editor. For further use of this the table must get saved.
  • For this table I created my own reset routine for the for the score reels. Therefore, the reset now works exactly as in the original one.
  • If the score is higher than the displayable number, then the players score continues at zero again like real EMs and EEs do.
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