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Space Paranoids (Original) by saecrow

SS Original Table FP Space Paranoids (Original) by saecrow v1.0

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Solid State Machines
by saecrow
at 2013-08-10
Type Original

Thank to Napivo for helping me locate my mode completion reset issue!
In the spirit of Space Paronoids- the brainchild of Kevin Flynn (swiped by ENCOM) in TRON.
As CLU (the best program that's ever been written - according to Flynn) you roam the Grid in a tank while on the lookout for Recognizers who ultimately wish to destroy you.

Step 1 - Tank - energize the 3 power cells (which will turn on the main power core) - by hitting the 3 VUKs (in any order) which will light the power cell platforms

Step 2 - Radar - get the Primary/Secondary Radar Systems online (either order) by hitting the corresponding drop target banks so that you can roll out allowing you to avoid encountering Recognizers until your shields are functional

Step 3 - Shields - energize the Shield Generators by hitting the seven targets at the top of the table - so that you will be ready if you encounter a Recognizer

If you enter the High Security Sector (hitting the Recognizer kicker/lock with Shields energized) you will encounter a Recognizer and have to destroy it before it destroys you. Use the Left/Right Flipper buttons to fire your laser in order to defeat the Recognizer and free yourself from the Recognizer beam - do so quickly because as the beam descends it will decrease your shields and you'll have to re-energize them before you can fight any more Recognizers.

Mode Completions locked in at Tank Power Up, Radar Systems Online, and Shields Energized
Left Loop with a Loop Multiplier up to 5X
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