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Space Quest (Original) by distruptor, loxagon1

SS Original Table FP Space Quest (Original) by distruptor, loxagon1 v1.1

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Solid State Machines
by distruptor, loxagon1
at 2011-10-02
Type Original

A space themed pinball, our first work and we havent any knowng about that:-)

spending a lot of time and isnt 100% perfect. but we give our best to make the table smooth ;)

hope you have fun and enjoy the table :)

version 1.1:

some bug fixes

some bg changes

and satellite highway reset now after every ball, it was too easy to get a extra ball (17 my record;) )

that make the table a little bit harder.

thx to sebek74 for hlp with some scripting questions :)
Hit green targets to activate SPACE for some bonus points (shoot the target by the green arrow)

Hit Hyperdrive to get some bonus points (target by the white arrow)

Hit Stardust to get some points (target by the blus arrow)

shoot comet ramp to increase bonus for ramp (cyan)

Shoot orange arrow to activate Meteorstorm, hit all targets and get the bonus in the right hole

hit the pink targets to clear your way to the black hole, on the other side hit all targets for light jackpot, follow the yellow arrow

shoot the satellite highway for increasing points and getting the extra ball (red arrow)
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