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Sportsman (Jennings, 1935) VP8

VP8 EM Flipperless Recreation Sportsman (Jennings, 1935) VP8 vImproved 2020-01-28

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Sportsman (Jennings, 1935) VP8 vImproved
IPD No. 5391

Sportsman was so impossibly difficult, Jennings provided operators with four plugs so that they could seal off four non- payout scoring holes, to improve a player's chances of winning.

As you can see on the VP version, you collected your tokens or nickels at the bottom center of the machine, just below the tube that held the tokens and nickels. You collected by pressing down a lever on the right side of the game.

While you could collect at any time during the game, you might be wise to wait till the end, so you can collect the largest pay out possible. And you only collected on the largest payout, not the total of all possible wiining combos.

Thanks again to Woodrails for the table image, Stan for testing and much information, Ken for testing, and Michael Sands of The Sands Museum for additional and needed information. And of course thanks to my partner Patrick who once again solced each of my coding problems, and actually taught me a few things in the process. --@tiltjlp

The payout version of this game is O. D. Jennings' 1934 'Sportsman'.
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