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Spy Hunter (Bally, 1984) VP8

VP8 Bally SS Recreation Spy Hunter (Bally, 1984) VP8 v1.4 2020-01-28

No permission to download
Destruk/Inkochnito/Eala Dubh Sidhe,
Bally 1984,
IPD No. 2328

Thanks to Skalar, cyBORG, Imperical, and all the people who donated graphics for this and beta testing - way too many to list.

Manual used to verify switches/solenoids/lights/dipswitches
DipSwitch menu by Inkochnito! Press F6 to use.

Spy Hunter Rules
Shooter lane lights strobe when ball is delivered to shooter tip. Send the ball over shooter lane switch and receive lit value of 10,000...25,000...up to 50,000 points!

Stock up on secret missiles, oil slicks and smoke screens by driving your ball through the Weapons Warehouse. Hit a weapon roll-over button, light it, and score 3,000 points. Then hit a lit button and score 1,000 points. Outhole scores 10,000 points...and extra ball...or a special! Right flipper button allows a player to control and change placement of roll-over button lights.

Hit the A-G-E-N-T G-K target when lit and score 3,000 points. Hit 3-4 lit targets (depending on game selected) and light the Boop-Ball arrow. Complete all 7 lit targets and receive 70,000...140,000...or a special!

A hit Boop-Ball target scores 5,000 points and advances top target lights. When arrow is flashing, player scores the following lit Boop-Ball Values:
1st time -- 25,000 points & lights Playfield Scores Doubled
2nd time -- 50,000 points & lights Playfield Scores Tripled
3rd time -- 100,000 points & Special
4th, etc -- 100,000 points

Use your Spy Hunter skills to drop targets and score 500 points each. Or knock down all targets and score lit value. Next go for a flashing SHOT target and score 5,000 points and light the target. Hit all SHOT targets when arrow is lit and score 25,000 points! When Match Bonus Feature is on, player can light spinner by hitting SHOT targets. Spinner scores 100 points...1,000 points if lit.

Free Ball Gate -- Opens with skill shot, or, depending on game version, through random play of ball.
Thumper Bumper -- Scores 100 points
Sling Shot -- Scores 10 points.
Rebound -- Scores 10 points.
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