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Star Gazer (Stern, 1980) VP8

VP8 Stern SS Recreation Star Gazer (Stern, 1980) VP8 v2.0 2020-01-28

No permission to download
by TAB, Destruk, Plumb
IPD No. 2346

Thanks to Inkochnito for the Dipswitch menu and Instruction Cards

POP BUMPERS: Score 1,000

BONUS MULTIPLIER: Increased when all targets down on either bottom two banks

ADVANCE BONUS: Zodiac Targets advance bonus only when not lit

BOTTOM SPINNERS: Increased value when going over roll-over and lite is lit

ZODIAC TARGETS: Score 1,000 when lit. Advance 1,000 each time all 12 hit to a maximum of 4,000

TOP 3 BANK & TOP SPINNER: Hitting any target stoips flashing lite. Lite indicates spinner value and top 3 bank all tagets down award

SPECIAL: All Zodiac Targets lit 2nd time lites top and outlane special

EXTRA BALL: Completing Zodiac Targets, then hitting bottom center drop target when lit awards extra ball

TILT: Disqualifies ball in play only
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