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Star Race (Gottlieb, 1980) VP8 by John Shepherd

VP8 Gottlieb SS Recreation Star Race (Gottlieb, 1980) VP8 by John Shepherd v1.4

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Star Race (Gottlieb, 1980) VP8 v1.4
by John Shepherd
IPD No. 2353

Revision History:
Version 1.4 - vpm displays are blue

Version 1.1 Modified by PataTroX on Aug 2002

As i have the original playfield, i have modified the (previously released by John Shepherd) version 1 of this table, with his acceptance .

- playfield picture replaced by a brand new one, direct from the 80s !
- all lights (but one !) replaced by droppable walls to get full advantage of the playfield picture quality.
- "added" sounds of bumpers and slingshots (they were present but not mapped in the script).
- added drop targets pictures according to the flyer.
- few elasticity changes regarding metalic parts.
- minor design changes

the gameplay was already PERFECT so it only needed to be revamped !

You can find it @ http://patatrox.chez.tiscali.fr/index.html

Enjoy !


Version 1.2 Modified by Mitchell Hancock on Sept 2004

Some info on what I did.

Took the old "High Score To Date", "Shoot Again", "Tilt", "Game Over" black images and replace those with some cool ones.

I added 3 women's in the backgrown.

Replace the "Gottlieb's Star Race" image.

Added a backglass in the backgrown.

Added walls on the both side of the left and right of the outter table.

Hopey that I fixs the ball stuck problem where the red and blue targets use to be at.

I also change those red and blue targets to metal image. (Somepose to be the same as the real pinball table.) I put a black wall on each side too.

Change some colors on the 4 things on the table. Like some of the walls need to be yellow instead of gray. (Somepose to be the same as the real pinball table.)

Those bumpers wasn't the right size so I change those bumpers. (Those bumpers top somepose to go pass the white circle.)

I added 2 wood images.

I added 1 bar image to make a gray rubber looks.

I change the flippers rubber color to pink. (It was red.)

I change the green round target into a shadow one.

I also change the kicker hole into a shadows red kicker cup.

I added a white star on each of the red lights.


Version 1.3 Modified by Mitchell Hancock and Inkochnito on Nov 2004

Inkochnito send me the DIP switches and fixes on the credits.

(flyers & backglass:)​
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