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Star Trek (Stern, 2013) ULTIMATE

Stern SS Recreation FP Star Trek (Stern, 2013) ULTIMATE v1.XX

No permission to download
at 2017-05-14
Type Recreation (real pinball)
Manufacturer Stern Pinball, Incorporated (1999-NOW), Chicago, Illinois, USA
Tradename Stern
Date 2013
IPD No. 6044

FP Physics 2.6FP Physics 2.7

Special Key 1 - Punch It
Special Key 2 - Change Backglass Artwork

Mods of this table :
Star Trek (Ultimate Edition) 1.03 DOFLinx


' Missions:

' There are 18 missions in total from 6 modes. 2 main multiballs (Vengeance and Klingon),

' 1 main wizard mode (Kobyashi Maru) and 3 special modes (Super Pops, Super Spinner and Super Ramps).


' Shoot the flashing Trek Arrows:

' Tier 1: All 6 Trek Arrows will flash but only 4 successful shots are needed.

' Tier 2: 4 random Trek Arrows will flash and there is less time on the clock, get them all.

' Tier 3: 4 random Trek Arrows will flash and there is even less time on the clock, get them all.

' When only 1 more shot is needed, all 6 Trek Arrows will flash and any shot will win.


' 3 balls are immediately fired from the Vengenace. Destroy the Vengeance by either hitting it directly or by

' using a torpedo (Punch It). Torpedoes can be acquired in the normal way (complete the 3 Power Targets on the right).

' When Vengeance has been destroyed, both orbit lanes and both ramps will score Vengeance Jackpots. Centre shots

' to the Vengenace will score Super Vengeance Jackpots when lit.


' 2 balls are fired from the Klingon ship. Extinquish all the flashing ship targets (Jackpots) to light the Super Jackpot

' in the Warp Kicker. Get the Super Jackpot and then hit the Warp Kicker again (combo) to get the Klingon Super Jackpot.


' When all modes are completed, the Captain's Chair will lite and Kobyashi Maru Wizard Mode will begin. All 6 Trek Arrows

' will flash, shoot them for Kobyashi Maru jackpots.
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