Star Trek: The Next Generation (Williams, 1993) VP8

VP8 Williams SS Recreation Star Trek: The Next Generation (Williams, 1993) VP8 v3.0

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Williams 1993
IPD No. 2357

There are seven missions, and an eighth 'Final Frontier' is started when the others are completed. The modes aren't really that repetitive, no where near as bad as Indi. The good thing is that every shot has a STTNG emblem at the entrance that lights when the shot needs to be hit. [Be aware: The emblem for Command Decision is obscured.]

Totals from each mode are added to your score immediately, not during the bonus count.

The lit mode is advanced by the bumpers, and the Q target.

Time Rift
Timer starts at 20 seconds. You have all shots lit, shoot them for 10 million each. The Time Rift targets add 5 seconds to the time (although, some people say 10 seconds, while others say 1-3. I blame ROMs), 5 Million to the payout, and a quote (see below). Increasing payout value only works 3 times, but the time can be increased as many times as you wish. It may also be the case on some ROMs that the Time Rift targets reset the timer to 24 seconds.

Target Quotes:
Troi, "We have gone back in time."
Geordi, "Captain, the computer is malfunctioning"
Beverly (?), "Somethings happening..."
Riker, "Here we go again..."

Start Quote:
Worf, "Sensors are picking up a distortion in the space-time continuum"

Worm Hole
Timer starts at 20 seconds, payout value starts at 30 million. The right ramp adds 10 million to the value, the spinner adds 1 million a spin. Left ramp collects value and ends the mission.

Start Quote:
Riker, "Hold on tight, this could get rough."

Picard, "Steady as she goes."

Failure quote:
"What is our exact location?" to which Data answers, "Unknown, sir."

Search the Galaxy
This was a great round, with excellent quotes. Timer starts at 40 seconds, and you are told by Riker to plot a course for the Alpha Quadrant. Shoot the center ramp for 10 million, Picard will say "Beyond Belief", "Excellent", or "Brilliant" - There are probably more. You will now be told to plot a course to the Beta Quadrant - shoot the right ramp for 20 million. Now you'll be told to plot a course for the Delta quadrant, and (you guessed it), shoot the left ramp for 30 million. If you do it in order, you'll be told to shoot the Gamma Quadrant, which is the Neutral Zone (target), for 50 million. One artifact for any 3 ramps, a second artifact if the order is correct and you shoot the NZ. Older ROMs score 10 million per ramp only.

Start Quote:
None, you are just told to shoot the Alpha Quadrant.

Battle Simulation
Another favorite of mine. The timer starts at 20 seconds, shoot any hole (right orbit, Start Mission, Neutral Zone, or Command Decision) to load a launcher. The launcher will swing out, and you have to pull the trigger to launch the ball into Start Mission or the Neutral Zone. Note that the timer stops while the guns are loaded; so if you make quite a few successful shots, then miss, you have quite a while to get back into the swing of things! You start at level 1, and each successful shot will advance you one level. Each level is worth 10 times in millions (ie: level 3 is worth 30 million), and Level 6 is the last level, worth 100 Million, often awarding Extra Ball if you get it. When you shoot from the right cannon (into the Neutral Zone) you don't have to get that ball into the hole, just hitting one of the targets is enough - although getting it in the hole is a bonus, as the left launcher will be loaded. Excellent animation, especially during level 6.

During the round, Picard's best complement is "Fantasssssstic!"

Q's Challenge
Some shots will be lit, when you hit one shot it will be replaced by another one. The Q target adds a new shot. The first shot is 10 Million, then 20 million, then 30 etc - maxes at 100 million. There is no fixed timer for this round. Each shot times-out after about 10-15 seconds if it's not hit. The mode ends when all shots time-out. This mode continues during factor 9 mode, and multiball, but the shots don't time out.

Start Quotes:
Q, "Bonjour mon capitaan!"
Picard, "Q, what are you doing here?"
Q, "Why don't we play a little game?"
Riker, "Q ... we don't have time for your games."

Q, "OK that's enough.", "Now try this!", "Not bad; not bad at all.", "That was too easy.". For some of the best quotes, drain during this round.

You have 30 seconds to rescue 50 people. Each time a switch closes, another person is added to the shuttle - so the bumpers would be the best place for the ball. Shooting one of the two ramps (center or right) then rescues the people in the shuttle. Shooting Start Mission rescues 5 people, regardless of the contents of the shuttles. You get 5M for starting the mode, 1M for loading someone into a shuttle, 1M for saving anyone, 2M if saved via transporter, and 50M for rescuing all 50 people.

Start Quote:
Computer, "Evacuate all personnel." But the best one is when the computer says, "Board the shuttle as quickly as possible."

Asteroid Threat
20 Million counts down. Start Mission collects value and stops the timer, all shots light to recollect the same value. You can only hit each shot once. Once the 20 million reaches 5 million, you automatically start the second part with all shots worth 5 million. There is 30 seconds to hit all seven shots - if you do it you get 50 million. If you get Start Mission just as the asteroid is blowing up, you get credit for it in the get-all-seven-shots part, but the shot remains lit.

Start Quotes:
Picard, "Suggestions?"
Data, "We could destroy the asteroids in our path, sir."
Picard, "Make it so."

Picard, "Evasive maneuvers.", "Steady as she goes."

Final Frontier
This is yet another six ball multiball - Note that the guns are loaded at the start of this round, if you do nothing the machine will kick the balls out itself. The only reason it loads the guns is because it has to get the balls out somehow. Every shot will be lit (like in Time Rift) and when any of them are hit, you get an obscene amount of points. The amount of points is determined by the amount of Artifacts you have - to find out how to get Artifacts, see the section 'Artifacts' in this rule sheet. At first you will be awarded 100M for each Artifact you have, as well as this, each shot is worth 25M * number of Artifacts. (If you have NO artifacts, each shot will be worth 10 million. [I took the glass off, I'm not that bad!]) You will also be awarded a billion for each set of 4 artifacts you have (if you have 2 of each artifact, you get 2 Billion). Some ROMs max out at 100M per shot, even if you have more than 4 artifacts; newer ROMs max out at 250M and you can have a maximum of 10 sets of artifacts (40 artifacts total).

Note: Older ROMs are slightly different. Every shot is worth a flat 50M, regardless of how many artifacts you have, and you don't get any bonuses. If you encounter a machine like this, try and push for a ROM upgrade.

Artifacts are collected during the game and are used for the Final Frontier round. Each artifact is worth 50 million, and the computer will tell you when you have collected one. See 'Final Frontier', under 'Missions' for information on how Artifacts are used. You can collect each artifact more than once.

Artifacts are: Singing Stone, Isolinear Chip, Diranium Sphere, and Dilithium Crystal

Artifacts can be collected:

Battle Simulation
Completion of level 5 awards an Artifact.Search the Galaxy
If you hit the three ramps (any order) you get an artifact; if you do them in order then get the NZ, you get a second artifact.Worm Hole
Shoot the Delta quadrant for an Artifact.Rescue
Any combination of 25 people rescued or sitting in the shuttle.Shuttle Simulation
The ninth cavern contains an Artifact.Asteroid Threat
After three shots have been hit.Time Rift
Averages on five shots. [There is a bug in the software!]Q's Challenge
Making 5 shots awards an artifact.Warp Factor 8
Awards an artifact if it is not the first time at factor 8, or extra balls are disabled.

Plunger Choices
While waiting for the player to launch the ball, the display shows 5 choices which light up alternatively. Launch the ball when the one you want is lit. You can speed this up with the flipper buttons, an excellent feature. The ball is normally plunged into the hole at the top of the right orbit, but if it doesn't make it, there is no software compensation - so you'll have to really start hassling techs to get them to fix problems with the plunger or drop target. Plunger choices are:

Start Mission
The ball will be launched into the sinkhole, and the flashing mission will start.Flipper Skill Shot
The ball gets launched into the sink-hole at the top of the right orbit, and the display tells you to shoot the right ramp, and what you'll get. The ball gets popped to the left flipper. The awards I've seen are: extra ball, Special, 10 million, Hold Multipliers, Advance Rank, Light Extra Ball, Warp Factor x, Advance in Rank, Double Spinner and Light Kickback.Launch Probe
The ball goes into the sink-hole and a launcher is loaded. A shot will be lit (ramp/sink-hole etc) and if you get the the shot, you are told your award (similar to the flipper skill shot awards). If you miss, you hear Data say "The probe has discovered nothing, sir.". The funniest was when I got 25 Mil Data said "The probe has discovered big points!" Note: When the right ramp is lit, you only need to trigger the gate at the entrance. If the left orbit is lit, you only need to trigger the spinner.Light Lock
Lights, and locks the ball. You can only use this twice per multiball, the third time it is replaced by Light Holodeck. If lock is lit at the start of a ball, Light Holodeck will lock the ball. The number of locks allowed before Light Holodeck replaces it, is operator adjustable. If the game is set for 5 balls, lock can only be chosen once. Then it becomes Multiplier (advance multiplier).Warp factor 4
Starts you off at Warp factor 4. See the section on warp factor for more detail. If you have already been at warp 9, this will be Warp Factor 2.

Warp Factors
This is a great feature. Every ball starts at Warp 1 (unless you start at another Warp because a plunger choice, or flipper skill shot). The right inlane will light the spinner to increase warp. A shot to the spinner will also light it for advance warp. (Note: Warps are only advanced if the ball goes right around the left orbit - past the bumpers. If the ball dribbles into the multiplier lanes, you will not be credited.) The left ramp will always increase warp value unless you have been to warp 9. Each factor has it's own award:

factor 2 Awards 5 million.
factor 3 Sets jets at 1 Million-a-pop for the rest of the ball.
factor 4 'Spinner' is lit.
factor 5 'Multipliers Held' is lit.
factor 6 Return lanes lit.
factor 7 Double spinner.
factor 8 Awards extra ball the first time, then an artifact. [If extra balls are disabled, it always awards an artifact.]
factor 9 Start Factor 9 mode. (See below)

Factor Nine Mode
This is great. Each shot to the spinner or left ramp increases the warp factor by .1. (You can always use the left ramp during factor 9 mode.) The first shot (to get it to 9.1) is worth 20 million, 9.2 awards 25m, 9.3 awards 30m and so on until 9.9 which is worth 60 million. You have 10 seconds to make each shot (which Geordi counts down), but it is quite hard. For some strange reason, you are given 20 seconds to make the last shot (warp 9.9); although there is the cool quote "Warp-drive failure in 15 seconds" from Geordi. [NOTE: The timer does not stop at all during this round, so don't lock a ball, or shoot a sinkhole. No other timer behaves in this manner.]

Once you have finished Factor 9 mode, (after the time runs out, or when you reach factor 9.9), you return to factor 1. It is no longer possible to use the left ramp to increase warp factors (but you can still use it in factor 9 modes), and the plunger choice changes to Warp Factor 2. Older ROMs will continue to award the last value collected for the rest of the ball and the next ball will start at factor 1.

The sound during this is fantastic, a really low rumbling-hum!

As you build up the worp factor Picard says, "Prepare for MAXimum acceleration.". I would have loved it if they got Picard to say "Lets open this baby up, and see what she can do!"

Neutral Zone
Hit the Neutral Zone three times to light it [Note: The ball doesn't have to fall into the hole to register a hit. Just as long as one of the three targets are hit]. Once this is done, all three lights will flash. Shoot the NZ (the hole) again, and one of three modes will start:

The right cannon will be loaded. If you shoot the NZ (targets), another ball will be put into play. The NZ remains lit for 10 seconds to add balls (up to 4 balls can be added). If a ball drains, shoot the NZ again to get another. If the initial shot (from the right cannon) misses the NZ, you still have the NZ lit for 10 seconds to add balls. It's just like playing a one ball multiball. Older ROMs are different: The mode starts off as a two ball multiball if you miss the NZ, and three ball if you hit the NZ, it's just one ball more than the new version really. Regardless of the ROMs, the jackpot (Start Mission hole) is 10 million * balls in play, and any of the yellow stand-up targets (on the left) add 2 million to the jackpot. Ends when less than 2 balls remain in play.

Start Quote:
Ferengi, "Captain, our ship is disabled, we need Diranium Spheres, now. ... We need them NOW!"

During :
Ferengi, "More Please", "Thank-you". Cool.

Three shots will be lit, (spinner, alpha ramp and beta ramp) which correspond to the three Romulan ships on the display. When a shot is hit, the ship on the display cloaks (disappears) - and is replaced by a timer. If the timer expires then the shot relights. The mode ends if you can cloak all ships simultaneously. Each cloaked shot is worth 10M, and the round lasts 40 seconds. Hitting "Klingon Assistance" puts a Klingon ship up on the left or right side of the display, replacing the Romulan ship there. This doesn't give you the points for that ship, but it does lock that shot out of the mode, so you don't have to worry about it timing out and returning like it might if you actually shoot it. Klingon Assistance doesn't work on the center ship, though.

Cloaking all ships is worth 30 million.

Start Quotes:
Worf, "Sir, the Romulan's are hailing us."
Picard, "On screen."
Romulan, "We are conducting military exercises, it would be wise to change course immediately."
Picard, "Fire a warning shot."

This is a complex 2 ball multiball. The jackpot (at the Neutral Zone targets) starts at 50 million, however the Enterprise is being shot at. The lower the shields, the lower the jackpot - right down to 5 Million when the shields are 0%. Shoot the spinner to increase shield strength (and thus, the jackpot value).

Shield status verses Jackpot value:

Shields at 100% 50 Million
Shields at 83% 30 Million
Shields at 50% 25 Million
Shields at 37% 20 Million
Shields at 25% 15 Million
Shields at 12% 10 Million
Shields at 0% 5 Million

Start Quotes:
Worf, "Sir, the Cardassians are hailing us."
Picard, "On screen."
Cardassian, "Leave this territory, or be destroyed"


Picard, "Let's try a friendly settlement."
Cardassian, "Here's you settlement, Picard!"


Picard, "Let's be diplomatic about this."

Hurry Up
Like T2. It is lit at warp factor 6 and started by the left return lane. 50 million counts down to 10 Million, shoot the right orbit to collect. Nice taunting quotes too! When it's started, the Computer says "Hurry Up, activated." - cool.

Riker, "NOW".

This is lit by right ramps (First at 3 then 9..) or skill shot. Once lit, a shot to the right orbit will let you choose 25 million, or Shuttle Simulation. These are the only choices. (Hold the trigger in, and hit the right flipper button to play poker with Riker!)

25 Million
Self explanatory (Note: older ROMs are 10 million)

Shuttle Simulation
A hard video mode similar to escape in the mine cart on Indi. The shuttle is travelling down a tunnel, fast. It starts off in the center, and the flipper buttons can move it left or right or back to the center, (Like HSII video mode). There are awards that appear (10 Mil) in the center, and obstacles (that appear anywhere) that you must avoid At times the tunnel divides into 2 and if you're in the wrong place, you quickly become acquainted with the wall. The animation is really quick, but the layout doesn't change. You are awarded 1 million per cavern, and there are 10 caverns. In the ninth is an Artifact that you must run into for 50 million. There is a cavern counter in the top right of the screen. It really gets easier the more you play it, stick to the side, as this is the safest place to be when it divides. The trick is not just survival, but picking the right way to go. Most of the time the caverns divide, one way will have 30 million (three 10 millions) and the other way will have only one 10 million. The point remains that the simulation never changes - Williams should have designed it to make a entire new cavern system every time the high-scores reset. There is an extra ball in there too. It has been found that: L-L-R-R-L-L-R-L-L-L- (L= Left, R= Right) awards 10M - 10M - 0M - 30M - 30M - 30M - 0M -10M or Extra Ball - 30M - artifact for a total of 159M + artifact (10 million less if you got the EB). You will NOT get the extra ball if you have gotten one that game already, and eventually during that run of credits, it'll stop giving extra ball permanently. This may not be true for earlier ROMs.

All modes except for Q's challenge stop during Multiball, but continue again after. (Q shots don't even time out!)

Lock can be lit by shooting the right orbit (if you didn't light it when you launched the ball). Lock balls in the right orbit, or left ramp. You can also lock balls in the NZ by lighting the NZ for one of it's multiballs, completing the round, then lighting the NZ again. You get 10 million for locking a ball, a pretty animation and a quote (see below for the quotes/animations). When you lock the third ball, the playfield goes dark, except for the Borg ship, which looks spectacular the way it's lit.

The left cannon will be loaded, fire the ball into Start Mission to raise the jackpot by 10 million, and be awarded the value. The cannon will be loaded again, shoot Start Mission to increase the base value by another 10 million, and get double jackpot. The cannon will be loaded a third time, shoot Start Mission to add yet another 10 million to the base value, and get a very nice triple jackpot. At this point (or if you miss any of the three jackpots), multiball begins.

At the start of the game the base jackpot value is 20 million, this is increased by the bumpers (even during multiball). The base value also goes up by 10 million at the start of multiball for each successful shot from the left cannon. During multiball, jackpots can be collected from Start Mission, and triple jackpots can be collected from the left ramp. The Start Mission jackpots cycle through single, double and triple.

Multiball isn't really three balls in a pinball machine, but rather the Enterprise in battle with the Borg. The object is to destroy the Borg ship, while keeping the Enterprise in one piece. As the Borg fire on us, the shields are being lowered. When they reach zero, the jackpot becomes unlit. (You can still get 3x on the left ramp though.) Shoot the spinner to relight jackpot. The harder the spinner is hit, the longer it will be before you need to do it again. Subsequent multiballs unlight the jackpot more often. You can shoot the spinner earlier if you like, to stop the shields from lowering; Worf will keep you informed on shield status, "The shields are at 50% power.", if you shoot the spinner now, the shields will be raised again. Note: Unlike Cardassian multiball, the jackpot value does not change with the condition of the shields. When the shields fail (the jackpot turns off) you hear Geordi announce that "All shields are down." followed by a really cool 'binging' sound that somehow gets the attention of the whole arcade.

On older ROMs, the jackpot is always lit. Don't get confused though, as you still hear comments regarding the status of the shields, it just shouldn't concern you!

Lock 1: Admiral "Enterprise, the Borg have entered Federation Space. Intercept IMMEDIATELY! Admiral Biagie out." The display shows the Admiral talking - well synchronized with the sound.

Lock 2: Worf "Sir, a strange object is dead ahead."
Picard "On screen."
The display shows a miniature Borg ship.
Picard "Magnify."
The ship on the display become full-screen.

Lock 3: Borg "If you do not surrender, we will destroy your ship."
The display show a bunch of Borg.
Picard "We will never surrender."
Riker "Battle stations; ready weapons" - with red-alert sirens etc.
Picard "Load phasors ... Fire when ready!"

or Lock 3: Picard "Send to Starfleet; we have engaged the Borg."

During Multiball: Borg "You will assimilate" and "Resistance is futile". There is also lots of conversation regarding the state of the shields, and the ship in general.

The ramps behave the same was as they do in T2, except it's called Explosive Millions and it only involves the Center and Right ramps. For successive ramp shots, you are awarded 5-10-20-30 to 50 million. The bad thing is that after one ramp is hit, both are lit to collect the millions. It is possible to just keep hitting one ramp, I STILL hope this is changed.

Completing the bonus Multiplier lanes lights Advance Rank at Command Decision.

Ranks: Ensign Lieutenant Lieutenant Commander Commander Captain.
worth: 5M 10M 15 Million 20M 25M

If you are captain, and shot Command Decision (when lit for Advance Rank) you will get 100 million. The values listed above are awarded during the bonus count (note: 100 Millions are awarded instantly). How cool having something that just adds to your bonus.

There is only really one combo in this game, but it's so amazingly cool, I decided to give it a whole section! The Picard Maneuver is the left orbit, left ramp combo and get good at it!

* Builds Warp factors. The first time to factor 9, this combo increases warp factor by 2. (As long as the left orbit is lit to advance warp.)
* Always adds .2 during factor 9 mode.
* Awards triple jackpot. It seems that the ramp is much easier to hit after the left orbit shot.
* Awards the Picard Maneuver after you have been to warp 9. I don't think it awards any points, but the display shows the famous shot of the Enterprise hooning off into space, while Riker says: "The Picard Maneuver! Nicely done."

The Spinner
Get good at hitting the spinner:

* Factor 4 lights 'Spinner' for 100 times the current value per spin
* When the right inlane is lit for superpinner, a ball through that inlane will start the timed period of 10 million a spin. The Super Spinner light in the inlane indicates the remaining time (it flashes faster as time goes on), rolling through the inlane again re-sets the timer. It seems that after about 5 resets, it begins to time out quicker. Also, if you start Warp 9 mode when Super Spinner is timing-out, the Super Spinner will reset completely, that is, the S.S. light will be lit solidly -- no timer until the inlane is hit again. Newer ROMs provide an option to disable Super Spinner.
* Factor 7 starts 'Double Spinner' which double the amount per spin that ball.
* During Cardassian multiball, the spinner raises shield power, and thus the jackpot value.
* During Borg multiball (newer ROMs only), the spinner relights the jackpot at Start Mission.
* During Worm Hole, the spinner adds 1 million per spin to the value.
* During Rescue, the spinner adds a person each spin.

High Score Tables
There has been much discussion regarding the high score tables. I have collected all info and dumped it here!

There are 4 high score tables:

Grand Champion 0 or 1 Buy-Ins
Honor Role 0 or 1 Buy-Ins
Officer's Club More than 1 Buy-In
Q Continuum Score of 10 Billion or more (Any Number Of Buy-Ins)

Note: Prototype ROMs only have the Honor Role for any number of buy-ins

Rules for high score tables [L-x ROMs only]:

* If your score beats the Grand Champion score, and you bought in one or fewer times, you get the Grand Champion score and nothing else. When you beat the GC, the old score is bumped onto another high score table as appropriate; if it qualifies for Q's Continuum it goes there, otherwise it goes on the Honor Roll.

* If your score is better than the #4 Q's Continuum score (but not the GC), you get on that. Buy-ins don't matter.

* If none of the above, your score is checked against the Honor Roll OR Officer's Club lists, depending on the number of buy-ins. One or fewer goes on the Honor Roll, more than one goes on the Officer's Club. Only if your score is high enough to make the lists, of course.

A major bug with the high score table: it seems that the Q's Continuum list is the only one capable of handling scores over 1OB. For example, a local STTNG has a Grand Champ score of 18 billion. During the game, at the ball 3 display, it reads "Highest Score 18,...." but on the actual table it reads "Grand Champion 8,...." Lord knows why.

Also, scores that don't make the Q's Continuum list, but which are still higher than 1OB, seem to be ignored entirely, or are compared with the other lists with the leading digit removed.

Proximity Switches
Proximity switches work via an induction coil -- the same thing your local traffic light uses to sense cars at an intersection. Any metallic object that passes through the coil's field changes the resistance of the field. The sensor's circuitry detects these resistance changes and uses them to close/open a switch on the switch matrix.

Twilight Zone used the first proximity switches which had hard-wired coils inlaid directly onto the pc board. The whole board was then mounted where it could detect the balls (under the right trough switch and on the main tunnel just above the slot kickout). This worked very well, but the sensitivity was not adjustable and ball vibrations tended to damage the pc-boards.

Star Trek uses a different board called the Proximity Sensor III. (What was I or II ?). This uses a detached sensor which for TNG is mounted just inboard of the two inlays on the inlanes, right in the corners of the slingshots under the guns. They are mounted in holes drilled from the bottom and rest just under the surface of the playfield. The pc boards have variable resistors on them to allow you to adjust the sensitivity -- all the way from no sense to always on!

Get good at saving. As I've stated many times, the outlanes are terrible. If the ball decides it's going to outlane drain, you have little hope of changing its mind. - Many people have mailed me saying things like "just nudge the machine and the ball will move away from the area so it's not as bad as you make it sound." Isn't this saving?

Bang Backs were not possible on Indiana Jones because of the way the drain area was constructed - STTNG is the same, so I doubt Bang backs will work.

Death Saves are possible but hard, as the machine is really heavy. I've seen people death save a lot and I can do it semi-regularly, but it often uses a lot of tilt warnings (my machine is set to 5). It seems that the legs are thicker than the old type because of the weight of the machine. If you are going to Death Save .. wear heavy shoes.

Sometimes I've found that the ball falls out of the Borg Ship during a Death Save . This is especially good if the Death Save didn't work, as you get another ball to play with. The machine realises what has happened, and copes beautifully - It knows that there is an extra ball in play, and won't start the bonus count.

Extra Balls
Extra balls can be earned the following ways:

* Warp Factor Eight (First time through warps only)
* 10x Multiplier
* Light (or collect) Extra Ball from Skill Shot
* Light (or collect) Extra Ball from Launch Probe
* 15 Shuttle Ramps
* Level Six of Battle Simulation [See note below]
* Shuttle Simulation: L-L-R-R-L-L-R-L-L-L-. (L=Left, R=Right). {This may not be true on all ROMs}. [See note below]
* You can buy them. The default is for three buy-ins; settings range from 1, 2, 3, unlimited.
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