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STAR WARS - Battle for Hoth (Original) by jipar

SS Original Table FP STAR WARS - Battle for Hoth (Original) by jipar v1.2

No permission to download
Solid State Machines
by jipar
at 2012-07-01
Type Original

Voici STAR WARS - Battle for Hoth

C'est à nouveau une conversion ( ou mod ) de la table GALAXIA de RONEY-PINBALL.

Donc avant tout, merci à lui pour sa table qui m'a inspiré cette aventure de STAR WARS .

Bon amusement à tous !

SWBFH1.2: especially forcritterbeater:the clonetrooperreplaced bya snowtrooper !

Mods of this table :
Star Wars DSA BB-8 X-wing Ultimate Pro 1.03d BB8
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OMG. This table is on point. The sounds, the graphics, the gameplay. I like how it felt like I was playing an arcade game space fighter type, cause of the sounds. very imersive.
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