Star Wars Empire Strikes Back, The (Hankin, 1980) VPX

VPX SS Original Table Star Wars Empire Strikes Back, The (Hankin, 1980) VPX v3.1

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Converted all pics to WebP format to reduce overall size of table.(VPX7.2 Required)
Converted Wav files in sound manager to ogg format which reduces file size.
File size went from 116 MB's to 42.2 MB's!!!
Version 3.0
Added modified JPSalas LUT Toggled with Right Magna-Save Key.
Added modified JPSalas LUT script combined with STAT's TEAM Change script.
Now all pic changes are saved and loaded on next table run.
All bumper pics are toggled with Left Magna-Save now. 6 to choose from.
9 different FS Backdrops toggled with F Key.
Converted mp3's to ogg format, and scripted music to be played from StarWarsESB folder.
(Place StarWarsESB folder in your Music folder)
Also lowered Decibal Level on all the music by 6.4 Db's.
Added NVOffset script command, so not to interfere with other tables using same rom.
Version 2.4.1
Added Missing Load Lut script command. Now Lut is saved and loaded for next time table is played.
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