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Star Wars - Force Edition (Original)

SS Original Table FP Star Wars - Force Edition (Original) v1.01

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Solid State Machines
at 2011-09-08
Type Original

** Star Wars Force Edition 1.01 **

Author: SLAMT1LT
R2D2 Model and Animation: PolyGame

A new lick of paint for my Star Wars table.

The new stuff:
- Twin Lightsabres that light up when bonus points are collected.
- New backwall artwork.
- A few new sound samples have been added.
- New cabinet artwork.
- Death Save added to right outlane.
- Auto Plunger added for Ball Save.
- Added a Lightsabre handle which launches the ball.

The improved stuff:
- Ball rolling sounds and all hidden triggers have been removed (never quite sounded right and the hidden triggers would mess with the ball sometimes)
- Improved playfield artwork.
- Slingshots and bumpers now have much more power.
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