Star Wars Ultra Edition (Original)

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at 2010-05-12
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Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away....

Defeat the Empire and destroy the Death Star before it's too late!

The table is based on the Battle of Yavin at the end of Star Wars Episode IV.

(Note: this table is optimized to run at 60fps. The animations and movie clips will be out-of-sync if run any lower.)
You are Luke Skywalker flying an X-Wing fighter. Take out each wave of TIE fighters that come your way to activate a Jedi Power Up. Defeat all waves and obain the rank of Joda and you will meet with Darth Vader in an exciting multiball climax.

You only have 30 seconds during the multi-ball duel to fire your torpedos and destroy the Death Star otherwise it will fire on the planet Yavin and end all hope for the galaxy. If you loose any of the 2 balls during multi-ball then the game starts again from the beginning.

Han Solo is at hand to help you if you need him...just hit the Falcon kicker!
** Version 1.2 **

- fixed a few issues with the end of game feature (victory).
- added a cheat.
- removed video tutorial and wheel art for smaller download

** Version 1.1 **

- Fixed error where the ball would sometimes jump up onto the plastics.
- Improved ball-rolling sounds so they don't overlap.
- Added a video tutorial and wheel art.

** CHEAT ***

Skip to the End Cheat: Press P during play to lite the Jackpot then hit the Death Star kicker for an instant victory and end of game sequence.

* Extra Bits

Leave the game in Attract Mode to hear some authentic Star Wars ads from 1977.

Pause the game at anytime for a musical interlude.

* Trivia

All the sounds and music are from Star Wars Episode 1, except for the line "You are not a Jedi yet" which comes from Empire Strikes Back. I did plan on creating an Empire Strikes Back table using Roney's Thundercats table, but I gave up on the project and created Red Dwarf instead.

The clip of the Death Star exploding is not featured in any of the movies. It's an original special effects sequence created specifically for this game.

* Credits

My thanks to the Future Pinball Development Team for creating Sci-Fi Classic, the table I used to build Star Wars.

Special thanks to Steve Paradis for creating the R2D2 model.

Super Special thanks to George Lucas, Ben Burtt and John Williams.

Extra Super Special thanks to Black for creating Future Pinball. Please keep developing the software so I can create bigger and better tables!
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