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Stars (Stern, 1978)

Stern SS Recreation BAM FizX FP Stars (Stern, 1978) 1.3

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Stars / IPD No. 2366 / March, 1978 / 4 Players
Average Fun Rating:
Date Of Manufacture:
March, 1978​
Model Number:
Solid State Electronic (SS) [?]
5,127 units (confirmed)​
Serial Number Database:
Outer Space - Space Exploration​

If there's some problem I'll try to correct it but since time will be a bit restricted in the near future I decided to release this now to push for FizX and Fleep sounds with one more table.

This table was pure FP - as are all Martin Brunkle tables - meaning this was a major overhaul and I wish i had more time.

- Change the number of balls per play with B key (look at the apron while you do that ;) )
- You can adjust the brightness with Special1Key and Special2Key
- FizX allow for tap pass, post pass, flick pass, backhand and you should be able to aim everywhere obvisouly.
- New spinners option allow to change for Tight, Normal and Loose action (look for SpinnerType in the script)

Thanks go to:
- @martinB for the table and giving me permission to mod his tables
- @ravarcade for BAM but in this particular case, for providing me with solutions to a couple of problems. I've shared what i've learned in the BAM coding section if you're interested.
- @JLou5641 for FizX and the lights lens.

' Changelog v1.0
' - BAM is now necessary to play the table (make sure you have v353)
' - Full FizX MOD (FizX v1.04)
' - enabled new renderer
' - added shadowmaps
' - Fleep mechanical sounds
' - added Rolling ball sounds
' - removed overlays
' - Adjustable brightness with Special1Key and Special2Key
' - Change balls per game by pressing the B key (seen on backbox)
' --- Marting had coded different Apron. Take a look at the cards changing depending on the number of balls per game
' - added simple back Wall
' - ball raycast shadows enabled
" - added a loading screen
  • Stars (Stern 1978) (AnonTet) (FizX MOD) v1.0.png
    Stars (Stern 1978) (AnonTet) (FizX MOD) v1.0.png
    1.8 MB · Views: 213
  • Stars (Stern 1978) (AnonTet) (FizX MOD) v1.0backglass2.png
    Stars (Stern 1978) (AnonTet) (FizX MOD) v1.0backglass2.png
    1.2 MB · Views: 177
  • Stars (Stern 1978) (AnonTet) (FizX MOD) v1.02.png
    Stars (Stern 1978) (AnonTet) (FizX MOD) v1.02.png
    1.6 MB · Views: 214
  • Stars (Stern 1978) (AnonTet) (FizX MOD) v1.03.png
    Stars (Stern 1978) (AnonTet) (FizX MOD) v1.03.png
    1.9 MB · Views: 237
  • Stars (Stern 1978) (AnonTet) (FizX MOD) v1.05.png
    Stars (Stern 1978) (AnonTet) (FizX MOD) v1.05.png
    2.5 MB · Views: 270

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