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Steel Panther (Original) by mcchico

SS Original Table FP Steel Panther (Original) by mcchico v1.0

No permission to download
Solid State Machines
by mcchico
at 2015-06-23
Type Original

Petite Table of Glam metal band Steel Panther, I hope it will make you laugh

Ramp: Satchel, when passing 4x in, the guitar n2 lights and the red bulb Ramp: Lexxi Foxx, 4x when going in, the n3 guitar lights and the bulb purple Corridor: Stix Zadinia, when going above 4x, n4 guitar lights and the blue bulb Hole Michael Starr, 4x when you fall in, n1 guitar lights and the green bulb hole: Gloryhole, when we fall in 3x it triggers the gloryhole MULTIBALL (3 balls) Targets: white activate the save ball, drooping activate 1,000,000

Guitars: when n1; 2; 3; 4 are on, they activate the special, active n5 MULTIBALL the ropes (2 balls), the active n6 the extraball, the special active n7 Bulbs: when 4 are on, n6 they activate the guitar, when M and R are on, the guitar n5
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