Steel Wheel (Original) Special Edition

SS Original Table FP Steel Wheel (Original) Special Edition v2.3

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Solid State Machines
by AtmanActive, Misaligned Cow Ventu, polygame
at 2011-10-18
Type Original

Based on Speed Devils recreation
Updated Graphics and 3D models By Steve Paradis



Changes in 2.3


* Pest controll by AtmanActive

- fixed a bug where ball could sometimes get stuck under the upper right flipper

- fixed a script bug where when you hit the waterfall ramp, you loose scrolling

- fixed several bugs where ball could sometimes get permanently stuck between a bumper and a wall

Changes in 2.0


* Complete graphics overhaul by Polygame

Changes in 1.10


* Operator menu with 3/5-ball option and statistics reset added (see manual).

* Sound effects added to high score initials entry.

* Some display message fixes.

* Missing rubber on mini-post beneath bumper cluster fixed.

* Improved power and light test switch logic.

* Corrected initial Jackpot in Table Info (Was 5.000.000, is now 500.000!)

* Manual updated.

Version 1.0


* Original Future Pinball version by Misaligned Cow Ventures
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