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StepMania (Original)

SS Original Table FP StepMania (Original) v1.03

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Solid State Machines
My 2nd Pinball table based on the popular Stepmania, DDR, Dance pad games.

Select your music and use your flippers to match the falling steps for point... Miss a step and your game could be over!!

How to play
* Play using F1/ F2 view (Whole table)!
* 5 Balls per game.
* Game over when all balls have been used or your score reaches 0.
* Tilt will loose the current ball in play.
* Use the flipper keys to move the arrow indicator below the falling arrows. Catch the falling arrow to gain points.
All missed arrows will deduct points.
* Last the whole song to reached the "Cleared" bonus levels (Extra balls but arrows will speed up).
* Arrow speed (difficulty) will depend on which trigger is rolled over at th top of the table.

1st plunger pull will select the song
2nd plunger pull will play the game
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