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Striker (Gottlieb, 1982) VP8

VP8 Gottlieb SS Recreation Striker (Gottlieb, 1982) VP8 v1.1

No permission to download
by Luvthatapex & Destruk
IPD No. 2405

Striker Instructions
Drop targets score 2000 points, add bonus, and turn out corresponding descending red lights. Each lit yellow target and rollover spots a drop target,

Lit green rollovers increase multiplier value.

Top hole scores 3000 points and spots two lower outlane rollovers.

Completing drop target bank resets targets and restores descending red lights to top row.

Completing drop target bank while 1st row of red lights are on lights special target. Completing bank while 2nd row of red lights are on lights extra ball target. Top hole lights for score bonus if drop target bank is completed while 3rd row of red lights are on.

Lit extra ball, special, and score bonus features are turned off. Drop targets reset, and rate of descent increases if descending red lights reach bonus multipliers. Lit multipliers are turned off if corresponding red light is on when red lights reach multipliers.

A tilt does not disqualify a player.

Making "SPECIAL" scores one extra ball, maximum one extra ball per ball in play.
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