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Strikes N' Spares (Gottlieb, 1995) VP8

VP8 Gottlieb SS Bowler Flipperless Recreation Strikes N' Spares (Gottlieb, 1995) VP8 v1.1

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Strikes N' Spares (Gottlieb, 1995) VP8 v1.1 by TAB, Destruk
ROM: snspares
This is a unique bowling game that obviously someone, somewhere had to try making at some point. Instead of the usual shuffle-puck format, we have a variation of a pinball machine, using flippers to launch balls at the pins.

The advantage would seem to be that this unit takes up less than half the space of a standard shuffle bowler. The disadvantage is that using flippers to launch balls is pretty clearly a lot more frustrating than the shuffle-puck method. Might as well just have a real pinball machine, no?

Still, I suppose maintenance on these suckers was fairly modest, the cost was lower than a pinball, and maybe the novelty factor was worth it in some venues. --@Ike Savage
Bowling pinball game. Use the flippers to flip an oversized pinball at the pins. Play regulation, Flash, or Strike 90. Can be set up as a redemption game, or as tournament play.
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