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Surfer (Gottlieb, 1976)

Gottlieb EM Recreation FP Surfer (Gottlieb, 1976) v5.0

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by Greywolf, Popotte
at 2009-02-20
Type Recreation (real pinball)
Manufacturer D. Gottlieb & Company (1931-1977)
Tradename Gottlieb
Date 1976-10-18
IPD No. 2465

A surfer chick rides a wave while a jet plane descends toward an island. Beside her, a surf-nerd wipes out, surfboard into the air. He must have been distracted by the plane...or the surfer chick (who, incidentally, seems to have HORRIBLE form on her board -- she'd be tossed from the board instantly riding like that....). Main colours are cyan, blue and yellow.

This is the 2 player version of Gottlieb's Surf Champ.

1 eject hole of varying value.
1 bank of 5 drop targets.
1 spinner, center stage.
9 wire rollovers
5 star rollovers which increase the value of the eject hole
2 pop bumpers wired in unison
Potential to light 3X bonus on last ball.
Insert Coin (5) or press start (1) to reset machine; wait for machine to reset before pressing start for second player.

Points are scored as indicated.

Pop bumpers score 100 points (1000 points in a 3-ball game).

Drop targets score 500 points and add bonus.

Center star rollovers increase eject hole value. Making all center stars increases spinner value and lights side lanes to increase bonus multiplier.

Making all drop targets and all center stars scores 5,000 points, resets drop targets and lights outlanes.

Ball thru left outlane scores 1 Extra Ball when lit.

Ball thru right outlane scores Special when lit.

Special scores 1 replay.

Ball thru either side lane when lit lights Double Bonus. If Double Bonus is already lit, ball thru either side lane lights Triple Bonus.

Bonus is collected when ball enters outhole. Double Bonus is lit on last ball in play.

A Tilt does not disqualify a player.

Matching last two numbers of player's score with lit number on back glass at end of game awards 1 replay.
Pressing R repeatedly shows rules and replay scores.
Pressing C allows configuration of game settings such as balls per game and replay scores.
Pressing P turns power on and off.
Pressing K slam-tilts the game as though you had just kicked the coin door.

Version 3.2 is the initial release of this table.

This table is in memory of pinball #12,449,234,750 who sacrificed its life bouncing around a Surfer table for three years in a high-volume arcade.
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