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Swords of Fury (Williams, 1988) VP8

VP8 Williams SS Recreation Swords of Fury (Williams, 1988) VP8 vRC3

No permission to download
Swords of Fury
by lio
IPD No. 2486

See the (in the zip) included rulesheet "swords of fury_rules.txt" written by B. Elmore for a detailed descripton of the rules.

From the Score Card:
Williams Swords of Fury
*5 Magic Drop Targets, when made, score lit value from 50K to 250K; advance LIONMAN Bonus, and advance Multiplier.
*A-V-E-N-G-E-R scores lit value from 50K to EXTRA BALL and lights LIONMAN Bonus.
*Center Ramp advances LIONMAN Bonus, and when lit, scores 100K to 1 Million.
*OGRES ALLEY advances or collects values from 20K to 500K. 2 bottom outside lanes score OGRES ALLEY values, as lit.
*Making Multiplier can lite SPECIAL in Magic Target area.
*Two bottom return "star" lanes light next letter in "AVENGER",
and start flashing Magic Tunnel.
*Multi-Ball play scores X2 or 3X, as indicated on playfield; lights
LIONMAN Bonus and lights a single lamp in Magic Target area for JACKPOT.
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