Tales of the Arabian Nights (Williams, 1996)

Williams SS Recreation BAM FP Tales of the Arabian Nights (Williams, 1996) v1.9 BAM

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I forgot to update the version number on the loading screen and on the DMD so it says version 1.9. I fixed it.
*** Version 1.9 ***

This table has had problems with the magnet for the genie. When the magnet released the ball, it would often fall between the flippers and then drain. The previous best solution that was implemented on Version 1.8 moved the magnet for the ball to the left. It looked rather odd but it played well. My friend, AnonTet, performed some testing on the magnet and found some settings that allows the ball to be moved back to about the same location it had been. Version 1.9 implements this change. I have noticed there seems to be some differences in the way the magnet performs from one PC to the next so I left the setting in the script that moves the ball. You can increase the value of "AdjustMagnet" at the beginning of the script if needed to move the ball to the left.

While I was at it, I decided to add the same menu system that I added to "Road Girls". So you can now press the Special 2 key before you start a game to open the menu and make changes to the lighting, balls per game and HUD.

I decided to remove the lighting option for "End User Settings". I have found no one appears to use it.

I changed the PDF "User Guide" to incorporate the needed changes for Version 1.9.

*** Version 1.8 ***

One of the guys had a problem when the magnet for the genie releases the ball from the magnet for the genie that it would fall between the flippers and drain. Gimli and I Iooked at it and the best solution was to move the magnet for the ball slightly to the left. It looks a bit odd but it performs well. I added an option to the script named "AdjustMagnet" where you can change the values if desired.

Gimli found some existing code in the script that changed the ball color so it was darker. I decided to remove this code and use the new BAM code for ball brightness that you will find near the beginning of the script.

I found a bug in the code for the lighting. The "Night Glow setting had been set to display the same setting as the "Dark Night" mode. I have fixed it in this version.

The DMD appeared to have too much of a yellow tint so I made a change to make it more red.

I made some slight adjustments to the ball settings in the XML to make the table play a little better.

I made a small change to the flipper swing in order to make the right lane slightly easier to hit.

I included a PDF "User Guide" with instructions on how to set the table up.

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