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Teed-Off (Premier 1993) VP8 v1.01
by jpsalas
IPD No. 2508

VPM table, it needs the originals ROMs.
Based on the table by Gottlieb Premier from 1993.

Thanks to:
- Fatdog for the backdrop
- Clyde for the manual.
- wtiger for the pictures of the original table.

Note from Xenonph:
This table needs a Pre-Initialized nvram file to accept coins.
Download Bally 6803 & Gottlieb GTS3 nvram pack and place contents of zip file in nvram folder, located in VPinMAME folder.
Find Bally 6803 & Gottlieb GTS3 nvram pack here..

Version History:

-Fixed left flipper wall
-Fixed (I hope) the wheel (reduced the second timer)
-Tried to fix some ramps so the ball doesn't get stuck. I'm not sure if I fixed this one.

1.0 Released Sept 2007
Tee'd Off Rule Sheet
Compiled by Robert Macauley

Version 1.1



The following is a rough guide to playing the Gottlieb Premier pinball Tee’d Off. If all goes to plan and this gets posted on the net at a later date, some people may wonder why the hell anyone would bother doing a rule sheet for a game that is over 5 years old. The simple answer is that this was done as an assessment for a course I was doing and my mind went blank with regard to something to write. Now for the legal stuff. Tee’d Off is a trademark of Gottlieb Premier and I guess they would still worry about copyright, despite the fact that they are now out of business. This guide is released as freeware. Use it however you like just as long as I still get credit for it’s existence and no profit is made from it’s use.

Playfield Layout.

Starting from the drain and moving clockwise around the playfield:

Inlanes/Outlanes: The usual. The outlanes are always lit for Hole In One. The left inlane lights dogleg and the Right inlane lights Cheat Shot.

Slingshots: Normal.

Flippers: Two normal Gottlieb "Catch All" flippers in the usual place.

Targets: Three targets whose name escapes me at the moment. No known use unless lit during Skins Game.

Special Lane: A lane running behind the targets fed directly from the top flippers. Awards a special when lit.

Hook Shot: A single stand up target which awards the hook shot value when lit. Can also be lit for a jackpot.

Volcano: A vertical up kicker with a plastic volcano above it. Spots Holes 1, 6 and 9, starts modes when lit and can award a jackpot or a cheat shot when lit.

Mean Hole: A saucer in an enclosed area to the right of the volcano. Awards Mystery when lit.

Hurry Up 20 Million: A small standup target which awards 20M when lit.

Top Flipper: A small flipper angled to shoot the volcano, hurry up target or a ramp leading to the mean hole. Balls can be caught by a small post if required.

Coconut Targets: Four drop targets in front of a lane in the center of the playfield. Hitting them adds 1M to the end of ball bonus.

Center Lane: A lane leading to a vertical up kicker. The shot can be made through a gap between the coconut targets but it’s a fairly precise shot. Shooting the lane with all targets up awards a hole in one. If any targets are down shooting the lane spins the Gopher wheel.

Captive Ball: A ball trapped in the top right corner. Hitting the ball causes it to bounce around in it’s little area hitting a bumper and some switches. Each hit adds to the end of ball bonus.

Right Ramp: A ramp leading around the back of the captive ball and feeding to the top flipper. Spots holes 2, 4 and 8 and relights the mode start at the volcano. Can be lit for jackpot.

Right Orbit: Feeds around to the mean hole. Awards a dogleg , mystery or hole in one when lit.

Slice Target: A single stand up target. Each hit adds a letter to Slice. Spelling slice lights a hurry up 50M. Can also be lit for an extra ball.

Saucer: A typical Gottlieb saucer. Spots holes 3, 5 and 7 and can award a jackpot.

Gopher Wheel: A roulette wheel sunk into the lower playfield. The wheel has 12 holes representing the letters in the word Gopher. Lighting all letters starts Go-Fore-Par-Tee.


The main object of the game is to play all 9 holes. Each hole must be hit in numerical order. After all holes are lit the 9th hole starts an award depending on how many times the 9 holes have been completed. The awards are:

1st 9 Holes---Multiball

2nd 9 holes---Raining Cats and Dogs

3rd 9 holes---Multiball

4th 9 holes---Anything Goes

After anything goes, the sequence starts over again.


Multiball can be either 2 or 3 balls. A second ball is served to the plunger and if it is successfully launched into the mean hole a third ball is given, otherwise multiball is a two ball affair. The object is to collect all the strobing jackpots. The jackpot is worth around 5M and hitting the captive ball increases this value. When only one jackpot is left hitting it awards a super jackpot of 300M. Collecting the super jackpot relights all the jackpots and the sequence repeats until only one ball remains in play.

Raining Cats & Dogs

Raining cats & dogs is a 3 ball multiball, which is also known as the Lightning Storm. All jackpot shots and the center lane are strobing and each hit awards 25M to the lightning storm total. The total is awarded at the end of the ball so tilting is not a good idea.

Anything Goes

Anything goes is lit at the mean hole. Shooting the mean hole starts the mode. Anything goes is simply a lightning storm with each shot scoring 50M. Normal lightning storm rules apply.


Started by spelling gopher on the roulette wheel. This is another 3 ball multiball in which shooting either the center lane or the volcano awards an immediate 20M points, no questions asked.


There are 5 modes, which are started by shooting the volcano when lit. For the first time through the modes, shooting the volcano lights it for start mode. On all subsequent times the ramp lights start mode.

Skins Game: Shoot the volcano to add a letter to skins. Spelling skins give the choice of taking 10M points and being called a chicken by the machine, or playing for double or nothing. The game chooses a shot at random and you need to hit that shot within 20 seconds to double your score. If you miss you lose your score and start again from zero. For the rest of that ball recover score is lit at the dogleg. Shooting recover score restores your points to their former glory.

Find the Gopher: 15 seconds to shoot any hole. If you are lucky you find the gopher for 30M, otherwise you get insulted.

Extra Ball: Extra ball is lit at the slice target for 15 seconds.

Tee’d Off: Shoot the center lane for an increasing point value starting at 5M.

Pitch and Putt: Each shot to the mean hole scores 10M. The post in the lane leading to the top flipper traps the ball to allow a clean shot at the hole. The mode ends in 15 seconds.

Completing all 5 modes lights the big score target. No more modes can be started on that ball.

Hole in One

Holes in one is awarded by either a successful skill shot, a shot up the middle lane with all targets up or a shot to the mean hole when lit. 7 holes in one awards an extra ball and 9 lights the mean hole for Quickpick. Quickpick is simply a choice of either light special or start lightning storm.


The main strategy for this game is to start any multiball except the normal one, trap 2 balls on the right flipper, and continually loop the center lane for big points. With the catch all flippers it is dead easy to catch any ball coming from the volcano and the center lane, so with practice big scores should come easily. This is really a one shot game.


I can’t remember what my highest score is on a 3 ball game, as I haven’t seen one for a while.

Highest score on a 5 ball game: 11B. Lightning Storm Maxed out at 6.375B.

If you have anything to add send it to me via chrisb@enternet.com.au and I will add it to the next version.
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