Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Original)

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Solid State Machines
by Balrog
at 2021-03-25
Type Recreation (real pinball)
Manufacturer Stern Electronics, Incorporated (1977-1984), Chicago, Illinois, USA
Tradename Stern
IPDB Number

See short video:
New download!

What I have done:

Fixed missing graphics/textures, so now the textures are about 98% correct.

Fixed places where the ball would get stuck.

Added toys: Krang, Turtles Plane and Turtles Van.

Optimized the long loading time to almost nothing.

Added The Turles movie intro on the backglass.

I am a 3D artist and dont got any programming skills, so I cant finish this table, so I hope a friendly soul with some programming skills

would make this table even more complete ? See the to do list:

What neeeds fixing:

The black hole in the upper left corner, the ball needs to go in there and come out of the other black hole on the right.

The scoreboard needs to be fixed from an EM scoreboard to a more awesome digital scoreboard.

Multiball start at random, and needs to be fixed, perhaps with a lock ball function, that will release into a multiball.

A basic set of rules added to the table would be nice, and make it even more fun to play :-)

Please someone finish this table, thank you :-D


No rules in beta
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