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The Adventures of TINTIN  The Secret of the Unicorn (Original) by jipar

SS Original Table FP The Adventures of TINTIN The Secret of the Unicorn (Original) by jipar v1.2

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Solid State Machines
by jipar
at 2013-07-14
Type Original

TINTIN, célèbre héros belge créé par Hergé il y a bien longtemps , est remis à jour par S. Spielberg
dans une grande aventure : LE SECRET DE LA LICORNE . MERCI à vous Messieurs !
Je suis moi-même Belge et je devais donc réaliser cette table !

table 1.2 : updates

- Playfield: new colors, new lights, new sounds...
- 5 balls/game
- new crane for timer (with new ramp)
- new rules with this crane!
- new scores
- Rubbers with slingshots around captive-ball: ok
- ball get stuck between inactive flipper and bumper: fixed.
THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN : THE SECRET OF THE UNICORN est une totale modification de la table LA ERA DE HIELO (ICE AGE) par Roney Pinball.
Donc merci à lui ... Thanks to him ...
new rules :

- follow the blue way (1,2,3,4) to enable the UNICORN: 1)increase timer(6-12-18-26 sec) with the crane
2)activate high-flippers ( when time is lit)
3)shoot all the UNICORN-targets to light an EXTRABALL
(2 times for SPECIAL)
4)open the UNICORN-gate for a FREEBALL

- lock 3 balls in Moulinsart (house) to enable MULTIBALL mode (with the 4th ball)

- find snowy (snowy-hole) to enable SNOWY-targets and shoot all of them (in 50 sec) to get a FREEBALL (+1)
and light an EXTRABALL

- shoot the captive blue ball(boat on the sea) 5 times with the same ball to light an EXTRABALL

- take the ramp(airplane) 4 times (same ball) to light an EXTRABALL, 5 for SPECIAL, and also to collect BONUS,
EXTRABALL(s) or SPECIAL when lit

- shoot TINTIN-targets 4 times to light an EXTRABALL, 5 for SPECIAL (during all the game with all the balls)
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Nice table. A lot of my FP tables aren't showing the score anymore for some reason. I guess I have to mess around with the settings, this one worked just right. And it looks awesome. I thought the top flippers were not working at first but once the ball got up there they worked, so that's good. got over 1,000,000 on my first try. can't wait to play it again.
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