The Empire Strikes Back (Hankin, 1980)

SS Recreation FP The Empire Strikes Back (Hankin, 1980) v1.0

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Solid State Machines
by francisco666
at 2012-09-01
Type Recreation (real pinball)
Manufacturer A. Hankin & Company (1978-1981), Australia
Tradename Hankin
Date 1980-06
IPD No. 2868

Based on The Empire Strikes Back - Hankin table of 1980

***** **** ****

Use esb1_0_Night MOD_litte if you have texture problems in night version

***** **** ****

Two versions inside, normal with ROM sounds and night with new sounds and music

Settings, for night version only:
Inside the script you can set the main music by changing the line 66.
mainmusicclassic=false is for Heavy metal music
mainmusicclassic=true is for classic music

The flotating score can be disable changin the line59.
holoanimations=true is to have the flotating score
holoanimations=false is to dissable flotating score

If the ball don’t appear in the plunger lane when he must, press Plunger key (default “enter” key) to activate the electric plunger.
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