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The Irresponsible Captain Tylor (Original)

SS Original Table BAM FP The Irresponsible Captain Tylor (Original) v1.1 BAM Edition

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Solid State Machines
*legacy uploads* - I am uploading my FP back catelog a bit at a time, so it is preserved should pinsimdb go down.

RULESET 1: (Basic)
Light TYLOR targets to open first lock (back left) lock 1st to open second (back, Right of the twin locks on main playfield) lock 2nd to open t3rd (lower right) At any time, hit centre kicker to release any locks. Release all at once for 4 ball multi to see the essence!

Light UEKI targs to light the bumper lamp for 3x bumpers.

Light JUSTI to light QUICK MULTI - access the platform via RHS ramp to activate.

On the platform, spot letters for SOYOKAZE for table multiplier

Light UPSF top lanes for bonus mulitplier

Light in/out lanes for ballsaver.

RHS RAMP BASE trigger doubles point each hit while lit.

RULESET 2: (Advanced)

Light UEKI TYLOR - Without locking ramps - for RYGON EMPIRE MODE (table x 3 for 60 seconds)

UEKI activatees left ramp lock
TYLOR activates right ramp lock
Lock both to set kicker (Twin right) - shoot that left loop kicker once active for PACO PACO mode multiball

Light JUSTI, UEKI, TYLOR (his full name) WITHOUT triggering other modes or locking balls etc for SOYOKAZE MODE! (two ball multi with targets tripled and spelling SOYOKAZE pays immediately DOUBLE the CURRENT ACCUMULATED EOB BONUS without reset!.

The "Wizard" mode!... Complete ALL the above for "VICTORY WITHOUT BLOODSHED"...5 ball multiball with UNLIMITED BALLSAVER for 2 minutes!

Light all the Soyokazi targets (on the platform) for 250,000!

Skill shot for 100,000!
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